Worms [Request]

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Worms [Request]

Post by Anson Kazane on Thu Nov 27, 2014 8:37 am

knocking on the door as he kicked off excess mud from his shoes, Anson awaited any signs of life from inside. After a few minutes of knocking and not receiving any notice, he slowly opened the door himself and peeked inside. He saw the lab in perfect order, albeit with some papers littering the floor and jars of worms lining the wall. Walking inside and shutting the door behind him, he looked around the structure for any signs of where the client could be, but found nothing. Normally he would assume that something bad had happened to the person, but aside from a few papers on te ground, there was no real sign of any struggle. Not enough to get worried about at any rate, Placing the papers onto the desk in the corner, he walked back outside, shutting the door behind him as he sighed, knowing it was back into the mud. Walking down into the mud as the rain began to fall, making his way by the building and further into the forest as he searched for the doctor. It took some time before he began to hear sounds of a person nearby, making his way towards the source, he finally found the man.

“Dr. Sidney? I've been looking for you for some time, I'm here about the request you sent out about help with some worms.”

The man looking over at Anson has a surprised look on his face, maybe he expected people to just ignore such a menial job. But money was money in this day and age, there was no point in ignoring any job either way. Work was work, there was no point in being picky.

“Thank you for coming all the way out here in the rain, I really only need you to capture 8 of these large worms in this area with these containers. Here is a map, I'd like you move slightly further north and see if you can find any located there.”

Taking the map from the doctor, Anson left for the area that the doctor had marked. Carrying the containers in the large bag as he walked, paying attention to the directions as he went. He really did not want to get lost in this place, it would rather complicate matters further. About a half hour later, he finally reached the area marked for the worms. Setting down the bag, he took out the eight containers and placed them into the ground as he unscrewed the tops and partially covered them with mud. His plan was to leave the containers just above the ground with a bit of mud inside them, the idea was as the worms came to the surface for the moisture. Sitting on a nearby over-turned tree as the rain continued to pour, just waiting for the worms to show themselves as he sat watching the containers. With the boredom setting in as he began to doze off, he could see the dirt beginning to bulge as the worms came to the surface. Slowly they inched inside the containers before Anson slowly came closer and scooped each one up into the containers gently and screwed the tops back on. Placing them into the bag once more, he headed back to the doctor at his lab. When he arrived, he carefully placed them on the table as the doctor inspected each of them to make sure none were injured and thus useless to his research, minutes later when he had deemed them acceptable, he thanked Anson and handed over the payment for the job before shoving him outside and locking the door. Rolling his eyes at the treatment, Anson quickly put the money away and headed out of the forest as the rain finally began to fade.

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