Working the Ship [Request]

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Working the Ship [Request]

Post by Anson Kazane on Wed Nov 26, 2014 7:28 pm

Heading into the town, he immediately made his way to the docks, seeking the client. Walking along the wooden boards, he asked around for a man named John, being directed to the largest ship at the dock. Not much to look at in Ansons eyes, but then again, he never really cared much for boats at all. Making his way onto the ship, he made his way along the side as his hand slid along the wooden rails. It was the small things that were the most comfortable, deciding to wait for the man to show himself as Anson couldn't even tell if the man was even here at all. Leaning on the railings as he looked over the town, he wondered what life here was like. Was it slow and boring, or fast and exciting, was it bearable or did it make one want to leave when they could. Such was the life of an actual citizen of a town, Anson was on the move too much to say what place was actually his home at this point, but that was neither here nor there.

Moments later, he was tapped n the shoulder by a scrawny old man, the man was glaring at him as if he had done something wrong. Something that he had grown accustomed to doing quests since he joined the guild, everyone wanted something their way and no other.

“It's about time you arrived, my shipment needs to be quickly transferred from my ship the trucks waiting down there. It would have been done by now had you arrived earlier..”

Anson blocked out the mans blabbering as he just continued on and on. When the man attempted to drag Anson off the boat towards the shipments, Anson was quick to move out of the way and make his way behind the man towards the shipments. It seemed like a fairly easy job to do, mostly just stacking up crates in the trucks and then heading out. A rather simple task by anyone’s standards. Reaching the bottom of the steps from the boat, Anson was quick to head inside the opening on the side and grab a crate. Taking the crate to the nearest truck, he placed it slightly inside before jumping in and shoving the crate to the back corner. This approach last a few hours until only one truck remained and was almost filled. Sweat rolling down his brow as his fingers cramped under the weight of the crate, Anson struggled to carry the rest of the crates to the truck before sitting on the edge and taking a break. His breathing slowing down as the old man came to inspect the work he had done, at first he seemed upset but eventually his expression softened. Not that it really mattered all that much anyway, the work that was requested was no done, whether the old man was upset about other matters was of no concern. Work was done, and to finish it up, Anson went to the three trucks and shut the back and locked it up before heading back to the old man for his payment. Not wanting anymore lectures of give the man an opening to start anything further, Anson immediately left.

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