Spreading the Parfum [Request]

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Spreading the Parfum [Request]

Post by Anson Kazane on Wed Nov 26, 2014 4:58 am

He had only finished the mission not long before his master had sent a request to him via courier, with a package full of flyers. Upon reading the request, he was both surprised and relieved that it seemed like a relatively easy to-do job. All he really had to do was convince an official to allow them to set up shop, as one could call it. All in all, it appeared to be a fairy easy going request, but one that he thought would be better handled in the morning, during the weekly council meeting. Bothering an official about matters such as these in the middle of the night was never a good idea, no matter who you were.

Anson headed to a nearby inn and managed to snag a room for the night at a surprisingly cheap price. Wasting no time and flopping down atop the bed and relaxing from both the long walk to Oshibana, and the night of work he had just finished. It was not long before he dozed off to sleep the night and awakened in the afternoon with the sun shining through a crack in the curtains and falling over his face. The light and the heat is what awoke him; sitting up on the edge of the bed, he took a moment to collect himself and then wash up before he left the room. Locking the door behind him as he walked down the hall and finally out the front door of the inn. Swinging the key to his room on his left index finger, he casually made his way towards the mayors office. He took his time getting there as he wasn't exactly in any rush to deal with a politician, in his experience, they couldn't be trusted too much. He had no real reason to believe this one would be any different. Though it was about time to find out if there still honest men in the world. Walking into the city council building, he made his way through the small crowd of people that had gathered for the weekly council discussion about upcoming events. As he entered the main room, he quickly made his way to an empty seat, a few minutes before the meeting began.

He sat silently watching and listening as the various people stood at the mic and voiced their opinions on current matters in the town that either they felt needed to change, or needed to be brought into consideration. Mostly menial things that really didn't interest Anson in the slightest, until when the meeting was about to end, one of the town officials that had been introduced as Mr Celestin, allowed for one more person to speak their piece before the meeting was over for the week. As the man next to him began to step up, Anson placed his hand on the mans shoulder and held him back down as he helped himself to his feet and made his way to the mic in the center. Clearing his throat, he began to speak his piece.

“My name is Anson, I am a member of the Blue Pegasus Guild. Recently we've heard that your town is void of any guild, and by extension, any true protection from bandits and the likes. We would like to take up residence either within the town, or on the outskirts, but still be a part of the community.”

The room filled with murmurs of the populace around him as the officials whispered to themselves for a few moments, until finally Mr Celestin spoke up.

“While we are flattered about your offer to take up residence in our town. We believe it would simply invite others to come cause problems, and that is something that can not risk. So while we do appreciate it, we will have to decline.”

Without giving anyone enough time to begin leaving and ending the meeting, Anson quickly gave a response of his own.

“Interesting. While I do understand the concern of a possible problem arising due to us being here. But you also have to consider the stain on your towns image due to harboring a dark guild some time ago. Either allowing a light guild, such as my own, would help to repair that image. And if you are adamant about being against us taking up residence within your borders, then I will accept that. However, I do ask that you at least allow us to set up flyers, and perhaps an area to inform others of our guild. I can tell already from the general atmosphere in this town that many still hold a grudge against you for allowing a dark guild to maintain residence, even if it was not officially part of the town. Creating an opening for such people to join a light guild and gain strength to protect their homes is at least a good first step in returning Oshibana to its former light, and not remain with a dark stain above it.”

The room fell silent after his words, no more murmuring and whispers among the rest of the people. The room was silent and still for a few moments until the officials talked lightly to one another as Mr Celestin took a deep breath and spoke.

“Fine, you are permitted to place these flyers around town, so long as it does not interfere with anyones business. You are not allowed residence, but you are being watched while you are within these borders. Residence within Oshibana will be decided at such a time we deem your guild a vital asset.”

Dropping the hammer to mark the end of the meeting, the officials began to leave as Celestin looked at Anson with a look of slight annoyance but with a faint look of hope. Catching his eye, Anson nodded slightly with a slight smile as he turned and left. As he left the building, he pulled out the package and began placing flyers along the hall, some pillars outside the building, and finally along random walls and stores of those who welcomed the idea of a change.

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