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Sushi [Request]

Post by Anson Kazane on Tue Nov 25, 2014 5:29 pm

Heading into Oshibana Town, Anson immediately headed for the request poster. A Mr Yakushi seeking assistance in his restaurant for the day. The restaurant was located in the center of the Town with the nearby stores just opening for the day when he arrived. Anson scanned the stores for a moment to get an idea of the type of people who ventured into Oshibana and those who already lived within. Heading inside the restaurant seeking the owner for more information on the request and the type of work he would specifically require for the operating hours. It didn't take long before the man presented himself; A tall, balding, rather buff looking man appeared from the back-room as Anson entered the dining area. Although the man had an appearance that could intimidate others, he gave off an welcoming demeanour as he approached Anson, shaking hands for a brief moment before the man urged Anson to follow him as they headed to the back-room. The man began to prepare the ingredients for the night of business as he went over what he would require for the request.

“I will require you to take out the meals to the customers the moment their food is prepared. Take orders, treat them respectfully and seat any guests if they appear unable to find a suitable table. We open at 5 and shut at 10. Tonight is usually a slow night at this time of year, but with my other workers having fallen ill, it could still be overbearing by myself.”

Agreeing the work required, Anson headed further into the back-room to await the opening time. He didn't have a place to stay in Oshibana and the town itself did not particularly interest him enough to keep him bus until opening. He thought he might return on his own volition and enjoy the town itself when it wasn't just a source of work for him. Having drifted off during his time of waiting, Anson soon awoken just in time for the opening. As he stood and stretched his joints before changing into the clothes required of him, he headed to the front and prepared to do what was required. After an hour of only a handful of customers, Anson was beginning to believe what Mr Yakushi had said about it usually being a slow night. But a job was a job and it wouldn't let the slowness ruin the night of business. Eventually more customers arrived and Anson quickly showed them to their seats. Leaving them with some menus for a few minutes while they decided what they wished for their meal, he took the break to help other customers. Bringing their food and drinks, cleaning the tables of leaving customers and being respectful and kind to them for the night.

For a few of the customers, they even had a good laugh and chat about guilds and brief news before deciding to meet again should Anson find himself back in Oshibana. Shaking hands with the couple as they left for the night, Anson stood next to Mr Yakushi as the last of the customers slowly made their way out before the doors were locked for the night. As the thanks were made for accepting his request and helping as requested. The two of them quickly got to work cleaning the restaurant after the night of work, it didn't take long before the place was finished being cleaned and ready for the next night. But, that night was none of Ansons concern, he had fulfilled the request that was offered and that was all. As the two exited the building and locked the doors again, it was around midnight when everything was taken care of. Finally Anson received the payment of the request as the two men shook hands once again before going their separate ways.

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