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Post by Ginevra Shepard on Sat Nov 01, 2014 8:39 am

It was a rather calm and slow day at the Phantom Lord guildhall. The atmosphere was peaceful, and there were rarely any members fighting. Actually, there wasn't a lot of members as it appeared; the Guildhall was pretty much empty. Behind the bar counter, an old, grumpy lady was trying to clean a filthy spot from the bar counter, her eyes concentrated and determined; whoever was on her place would be quite concentrated, for she could lose her job because of this filth spot. Viktoria Siyankova, the Phantom Lord guildmistress, wasn't a fan of filth. Any of the members wasn't, and none really would hesitate in communicating to their dear guildmistress about the incapability of the bar woman to mantain the bar clean. Poor woman; If Viktoria withnessed a filthy spot in Phantom Lord, she wouldn't live to tell what it was to face the wrath of the Guildmistress of Phantom Lord.

Ginevra Shepard sat on a chair, her hands on her table, her head on one of her hands, as she stood and watched the woman clean desperately the table, sweat appearing all over her forehead, funny. It was quite entertaining to watch someone suffer as much as she did in something so mundane as cleaning a dirthy spot off of a bar counter; for people suffered for many other things, and not this. As the bar woman finally managed to remove the filthy spot, or at least managed to more or less, Ginevra looked around, her icy blue eyes sweeping over the silent guildhall, desperately attempting to find a new source of entertainment, without success. With a small sigh escaping her lips, she burried her head in her hands and passed her fingers through her hair, ruffling it, her pink nails camouflaging between her soft pink locks. Bored, she stretched and got up, her high heels filling the room with sound every time they hit the floor as she walked towards the Request Board at slow pace. Ginevra never really went on Requests because she needed money. At all. Ginevra took requests because she was in dire need of entertainment. Sure, it was quite fun flirting and drinking, and attending to parties or getting into brawls with guildmates; but nothing entertained her more than a nice request that included using her powers, which she had spent so many years mastering, on something, or more rather, someone. Moving and living targets were much better to cast spells on to, rather than the dummies in the training arenas. After all, the dummies expressed no emotions, no pain, while the living organisms did; which was a criteria that Ginevra always took in account when deciding weather her spells are strong or not. The more painful the expression of the victim is, the more pain the victim takes on, the more succesful the spell is.

Passing her pink nail through the many fliers, she finally stopped it at a brown flier, that, with some unknown characteristic of its, caught the Lightning Dragon Slayer's attention. Lifting her eyebrow, Ginevra took the flier without hesitating, running her eyes through the many letters written on it, a small smile drawing on her lips; it was a job more thought for legal mages; after all, the person who decided to take on this request was supposed to take whoever was causing havoc in the exchange lines to jail. Dark Mages weren't likely to do that. No; they'd more rather kill the guy or girl just for fun.

Withough hesitating for a single second, she left the Guildhall, glancing for the last time at the guildhall before walking out, careless as always. The wind blew strongly that day, which annoyed her slightly, as it managed to dishevel her perfectly combed pink hair instantly. Huffing, the Dragon Slayer took her hands up to her hair and tied it in a messy ponytail, the wind making the task to tie her hair ratehr complicated. The flier in her pocket, she began walking around town, trying to catch any sign of something suspicious, of something that may help her with her investigation. Whoever was doing this, whoever was causing this chaos, he would stop. Today. Damn, those thoughts made Ginevra feel like a Rune Knight. That was definetly not good. The next time she even thought about taking a legal mage job, she'd make sure to hit her head against something hard before that.

The people who were in charge of making sure that the caravans were all right and were the people Ginevra would focus on asking first. She didn't like the idea of talking with them, but hey. She'd get paid for this. So why not? A few extra jewels always came in handy. As she spoke to them, they both instructed her and told her the same, that, in the beginning, all caravans were fine, but then, they just... got destroyed, somewhere in the route between the two towns. Frowning, Ginevra turned around and walked away, while one of the workers was rambling about how he had found one of the caravans procedent of the other city full of plants. It must've been some sort of a trick, of course, filling the caravan with plants. Oh well, in the end, it mattered little to her; She'd discover the truth soon.

The travel between the two cities was rather short, even when realized walking. Ginevra would've never taken a train, just because she disliked trains. And caravans. And bicicles. And every other vehicle. Not only did she get nauseas on them; but she was pretty useless.  It was rather stupid. You give one a powerful magic such as Dragon Slaying magic and BOOM you go ahead and make him useless on vehicles. Not fun, really. Besides, traveling in vehicles was a pain, so the Dragon Slayers who did not want to suffer nauseas and get agonized every time they had to travel somewhere, be it because of business reasons or just for fun, were pretty much forced to walk.

The tension could be felt in the air in both cities. In the first one, it was rather faint, but in the second one... In the second one people were visibly tense, pissed, worried. Ginevra raised an eyebrow and passed through the crowd, people staring at the girl, whom they had never seen, and at her Phantom Lord guild symbol,  which was exposed to the view due to the fac tthat her hair was pulled in a ponytail and her back was exposed, the shirt she was wearing [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] For a few seconds, Ginevra felt the incredible urge to turn at them and ask them what the hell were they staring at, but it was pretty clear what they were staring at; It was not every day that a Dark Mage passed by, not even making an effort to hide her tattoo. Grinning widely in order to make her Dragon Slayer fangs visible, the Lightning Dragon slayer heard some gasps coming from the nearby habitants, some mutters. Certainly, she was attracting the attention of everyone by just passing by. She walked to the workers in charge to make sure the convoys were safe, and asked the same questions just to recieve the same answers: Nobody knew what was going on, but anyways thought the other side was guilty. It was very curious how thick-headed people could be. Even though they were not entirely sure that it was the other side responsible, they'd say they were guilty until the end of time. Once again, the response was the same; they told her to investigate the route, and she could follow a convoy, as it was about to leave.

The Lightning Dragon Slayer leaped on top of the convoy, forgetting that it was a moving vehicle, until she began getting nauseas, which meant the damn thing was moving. Burrying her head in her hands, she huffed, breathing hard and irregularly, desperately trying to get off of the damned thing, obviously failing. She was amazed at how stupid she could be sometimes, as stupid as to not notice she was on a vehicle until the thing began moving. Gladly, the convoy stopped a few minutes after it began moving, away from the city. Recovering quickly, the Lightning Dragon Slayer jumped off of the convoy just to face a  black-haired teenage boy, which was staring at her with his deep black eyes. I didn't think they'd send a girl with the convoy this time. I suggest you go away, girly... Ginevra could not hear anything beyond that point. Her eyes sparkling with anger, she growled, startling the boy.

Girly? I'll show you who's a girly! You little brat, no respect for those who are older than you! I'll show you to respect the people that are older than you, you rat! Ginevra took up her hand, attempting to slap him, failing as the boy moved away quickly. Letting a soft Tch escape her lips, the Lightning Dragon Slayer put her hands in front of her, gathering a small amount of lightning that got bigger and bigger as she separated her palms, until a bright yellow magic seal appeared, a Dragon Head in the middle of it. At a considerable speed, a lightning came out suddenly, hitting the Angry Teenager, surprising him. What the hell, woman!? He screamed, holding the shoulder where she hit him. I see, I see. You want to fight me? Well, if that's what you want then that's what you'll get! The teenager threw seeds on the ground, which grew into large vines with fists, which attempted to hit Ginevra, who, thankfully, had enough time to react. Growling, she jumped away, landing a few meters away from the Teenager. He was the one who stole and damaged the convoys. Her objective was to capture him. Quickly raising her hands above herself, a yellow magic seal appeared and covered Ginevra's hands in lightnings. With a grin, an evil grin, she proceeded to hurl at the teenage boy, putting a lot of efforts in attempting to hit him. Oi, oi. You're coming with me now. I need to bring you to a place where you can explain exactly why you have been doing what you were doing. Ginevra muttered through gritted teeth, landing a strike on the boy's face, although in the meantime he managed to drop some seeds, and make vines grow to bind her for a second. Falling on her knees, Ginevra tried to break the vines at all costs, finally managing it, and hurling towards the Angry Teenager again, who had proceeded to activate the old and tested plan of ''Run like your life is on the line''. Finally reaching him, Ginevra landed another punch on his spine, managing to bring him down, tying his hands with his own vines, while grinning.

What the hell are you. You covered your hands in lightnings and got no burns, no damage. What are you? He continued repeating as Ginevra retrieved all convoys and began walking towards Oak, still holding the teenager's hands, tied with his own vines. He was trying to break free, which caused Ginevra to kick him a few times, causing him to fall and dragging him. It's useless to say that, until they reached Oak, the boy looked like he had just gotten back from the war.

Quickly finding the town official, she showed him the convoys and the man who was responsible for their dissapearances, making the man's face lit up with joy. As she spoke to him, she managed to hide her tattoo with her hair, which she had let down. Recieving the reward for the job well done shortly after that, Ginevra began dragging herself towards the Guildhall, in dire need of a drink.



Name: Lighning Dragon's Arrow
Rank: D
Cost: 10
Requirements: Lightning Dragon Slayer
Class: Offensive
Effect: Ginevra rises her hands in front of her and gathers a small amount of lightnings. Soon upon that, Ginevra separates her palms, making the amount bigger and bigger, until a bright yellow magic seal appears, a Dragon head in the middle. At the speed of 10m/s, a 10cm wide and 30cm large arrow made out of pure lightning gets shot towards the opponent. Upon impact, the arrow can produce Skin Level cuts. The arrow deals D Ranked damage.
Duration: Instant
Cooldown: 3 Posts


Name: Lightning Dragon's Charged Fist
Rank: D
Cost: 10 (5)
Requirements: Lightning Dragon Slayer
Class: Offensive
Effect: Ginevra raises his hands in the air, a yellow magic seal appearing above them, and slowly, lightnings begin crawling around her hands, covering her hands. The lightnings remain around her hands as she proceeds to attack the enemy. Once the user hits the enemy, the enemy shall recieve D Ranked damage.
Duration: Sustained
Cooldown: 4
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