Charming [C-rank/Solo]

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Charming [C-rank/Solo]

Post by Jaze Dayashi on Tue Oct 28, 2014 5:49 am

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Jaze stretched as she woke up, staring outside the window to see that the sun was already up. Since when had she become a person to sleep in? She used to be up at 6 in the morning, working out before starting her day, and now it was… 10 am, just great. She quickly prepared herself for a day of work, and just in case packed a bag so she could travel if there weren’t any requests available in here. Woman’s got to stay busy, right? How else would she pay for living.

As soon as she arrived at the request board, a grin appeared on her face; there was a new request that she was capable of doing, probably at least. A thief that stole a pair of shoes, it shouldn’t be all that hard to get them back, right? This guy must really love his shoes, because rather than buy a new pair, he paid rather handsomely to whoever got him his shoes back. Jaze looked at the address and followed the directions that were included, ending up at a rather big house. Of course he was rich, why else would he pay for a pair of missing shoes rather than just replace them? Unless they had sentimental value, of course, that would be irreplaceable, but that usually wasn’t the case with shoes.

She knocked on the door, and it didn’t take long before a voice yelled at her. ”Door’s open, I’m upstairs!” The woman rose an eyebrow, but decided not to complain about it, or comment about the rather rude manner of treating a guest. She simply let herself in and followed the voice, ending up in his bedroom, which was admittedly quite clean. ”So… Why not just replace the shoes?” Jaze commented as she looked at him, noting there were plenty of different pairs in his room. Were they really that important to him? ”They are special! They were especially made for me, it’s one of a kind, and my initials are engraved on the sides of them!” The Mage rose her hands in the air defensively, ”I get it, I get it. Why don’t you tell me what happened, and I’ll go get them for ya.”

The young man, apparently called Tracy, told her about what happened at the hot springs. She had first gotten a story of how much he valued the shoes, of how he took care of them ever since he got them years ago, clearly they meant a lot to him. One moment his shoes had been in his locker, and when he got back they were just gone. So Jaze figured the best place to start was at the hot springs, possibly looking at security tapes or find any magical leads. Even the list of people who had access to the lockers would help.

It turned out she was capable of getting both the list and the security tapes. The list of people who had access was indeed small as Tracy had said, there were 10 people including their addresses at most, including the very few staff members that could get there, just in case. She was assured that their employees would never do such a thing, but she didn’t care, she just wanted to see the tapes. As it turned out, the thief was nothing like she expected. She found herself automatically assuming it was a guy, but the opposite was true. A rather gorgeous lady had pried open Tracy’s locker, and had gotten out of there somewhat faster than the average person could run. Luckily the guard recognized her and could point out on the list who it was, which made it a lot easier.

Once Jaze arrived at the house of the woman, she needed a plan. Any means necessary, right? She took a deep breath, and knocked on the door. Not much to her surprise, the beautiful Latina opened the door, the shoes not on her feet. She wasn’t sure if that relieved her or not. After some smooth talking, she managed to be let in, leading the woman to believe she was into her. It was only half a lie, it wasn’t why she was there, but she certainly was attracted to her.

As much as she enjoyed her time with the woman – she found out her name was Camilla – she had to put an end to it when she spotted the shoes. She saw her chance when Camilla excused herself, and grabbed the shoes. Jaze felt slightly guilty for leading her on, but she couldn’t afford to not do this request, she could really use the money. She left a quick note for the woman, and returned to Tracy.

The young man was more than happy to see his shoes back, didn’t even care how she’d done it, but did thank her and gave her the reward. With that in the pocket, perhaps she could still return to Camilla in time? That thought left her mind when she heard a low feminine voice echo through the street. ”DAYASHI!” Sypather laughed inside her head, 'Real smooth, Casanova. Better get out of here, unless you want to fight her.' Paling, she nodded and made a run for it. Perhaps hiding in Crocus would be sufficiently distant.

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