I Write Heroes Not Tragedies [D-Rank/Solo]

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I Write Heroes Not Tragedies [D-Rank/Solo]

Post by Jaze Dayashi on Mon Nov 03, 2014 11:02 am

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Jaze semi awkwardly got on the stage, ready for her audition. She wasn’t entirely sure why she decided to audition for a play to help them out, especially since it was the lead in a masterpiece and she had less than a day to get the lines into her head, but here she was, having learned the monologue scene by head, and hopefully also by heart. The director signaled for her to start, and she took one last deep breath, before slipping into character. Her nerves seemed to have disappeared completely as she was no longer on stage, but in a tavern chamber thinking aloud.

”In love with another woman, the Black Queen no less, why must fate be so cruel to me? What do I do, my heart is stolen by the fairest of all realms, so far out of reach? She may not be betrothed, but how could I, a commoner, conquer her heart?” Emotion poured from her words, pacing pensively. ”I must serve her, for that is where I belong now. If she will not allow me to, I shall end her misery by drawing my sword to her enemies. If they take my life, it will be my misery that has come to an end instead.”

A few more lines went by, and the director seemed moderately impressed by her abilities. Pleased to have a decent lead, at the very least. ”Very well done, Jaze. I think it will surprise them that Emmett became Emma, too.” Yeah, that was another thing, the lead was actually played by a man, but Jaze was the only one to show up for the auditions as others women didn’t dare, and men simply hadn’t seen it or weren’t interested. ”Thank you, I’ll learn the rest of my lines now.” She bowed and rushed backstage, script back in hand.

That night she had actually managed to learn her lines before the show would start, and people were starting to take their seats. It was getting fuller and fuller, until at some point there wasn’t a single chair left empty. She swallowed; this meant there were 500 people watching her, and that wasn’t a small amount. Luckily as soon as she’d get into character, she would no longer feel the nerves; the crowd would just become non-existent. The woman was dressed in Emmett’s original knightly armor that had been slightly adjusted by the straps so it would fit her well enough.

The host announced the start of the play, and the curtains opened. She hadn’t rehearsed with the other cast members yet, but that was okay, it all seemed to flow nicely anyway. The play was about a knight, Emma, who lived in the White Kingdom. She served under the King and Queen of that land and had vowed to protect them, which wasn’t a minor thing. Then one day, her eyes fell on the Queen of their neighboring country that they were at war with, the Black Kingdom. She was feared by all who heard about her, and she reigned with no one by her side. But also, she was beautiful in her darkness, and she stole the knight’s heart by simply looking back. It was enough for her to decide she wanted to serve and protect the Black Queen, and not the White Kingdom.

Jaze acted easily throughout the play, empathizing with Emma’s experiences more than she could bring to words. It reminded her of a past lover, if you could even call it that, and that made it easy. The obsession, the craving, the attraction to darkness. The knight sneaked out one night, having her armor of the White Kingdom still on, and got to the Black Kingdom. She got arrested on sight because of the armor, and brought towards the Queen in an instant. Emma’s doe eyes for the woman were not enough to convince her, however, and she was sent away to the dungeon. She made her escape there, and followed on her word to face her enemies; the White Kingdom.

And so she did. She was capable of infiltrating towards the royal couple with ease as they trusted her, and slaughtered them. The royal guard captured her after many kills, and she was to be executed anyhow, a new King being appointed first thing in the morning. Little did she know that the Black Queen had followed her to finish the job, taking advantage of the opportunity. The woman freed the knight, and they lived a happily ever after. All was well.

Despite the slight dark and gruesome twist to the story, the crowd gave a standing ovation. They took their final bow, and Jaze got her reward. All was well indeed.

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