Drinks On The Jolly Roger [D-rank/Solo]

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Drinks On The Jolly Roger [D-rank/Solo]

Post by Jaze Dayashi on Fri Oct 31, 2014 6:40 am

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Jaze yawned as she woke up, rubbing her eyes after a rough night. She couldn’t fall asleep, Sypather kept insisting on doing something stupid and destroy the place. It was her mother’s home, she couldn’t do that, and that’s how she ended up in a brawl for control with the Animi. It had been exhausting, but she’d won eventually. After all, the house was still standing. Now with a bit rest behind her, it was time to get to work, or at least travel to a place where she could. So she checked the request board of Hargeon, which she expected to be empty, before setting out. To her surprise however, a new request had come in that would suit her perfectly; working at the docks, unloading a ship. A grin appeared on her face, she hadn’t done that in ages, it was something she often did when she was younger and still a part of Lamia Scale.

She nearly skipped towards the docks at the nostalgia of it, enjoying the scent of the sea more than anything. It would be light labor for her, beside the fact that those crates would probably be heavy, at least she wouldn’t have to chase some kind of criminal. Or worse yet, end up being chased by one. Camilla luckily didn’t manage to chase her down to Hargeon, but she certainly had tried. Jaze was in thought for a bit too long, as she crashed into an older man. ”Watch where yer going, youngster.” The man croaked. His voice was old, his body too, yet he seemed like he belonged right here at the docks. She knew him. ”Sorry, nostalgia hits hard. John, right?” His eyes widened, ”Jaze? Well well, look who grew up! Better watch out here, the men will chase ya like dogs.” She laughed, ”Nice seeing you, too. I came to help out with the crates, I assume that’s this ship right here?” He nodded, ”If that’s why yer here, ya should getta work. We’ll catch up later.” That was all she needed to start.

The woman was thankful that she had her Aura magic on her side, else carrying those crates would be a lot harder. She’d packed almost two trucks by now, with the help of the others of course, but mostly doing it herself. Her Aura could carry quite some more weight than she could on her own, it was like having a second version of herself to carry the other side of the crate, and it was pleasant. She’d carried the furniture in Magnolia like this too, it was quite handy after all.

After a few more hours, she’d finally come to the last crate on the ship. Others had gone home by now, assuming she’d finish the job, which she would and did. Only John was still there, waiting for her to be done so they could catch up on her journey and all. A lot had happened since she left Hargeon the first time, even more since she last saw the man. With the final crate loaded into the truck, she closed the doors with a sigh, heading towards John. ”G’d job, now let’s get some’ to drink, yeah?” She grinned as he pushed a pouch into her hands and nudged her towards the bar, ”Yeah, let’s.”

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