Healthy Diet [D-rank/Solo]

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Healthy Diet [D-rank/Solo]

Post by Jaze Dayashi on Fri Oct 31, 2014 3:54 pm

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It didn’t take long to arrive in Oshibana Town, it was pretty close to Hargeon actually. The town looked as peaceful as it had before, however one thing was different; there were decorations, presumably for a festival of sorts. That could mean only one thing: more opportunities for a job to do. So she decided to check the request board immediately, and lo and behold, there was a fitting request for that evening specifically. It was requested by a sushi restaurant owner called Yakushi, though his first name remained unknown. She shrugged and checked the town’s clock tower; it wouldn’t be that long before the shop would open at 5. So she rushed towards the restaurant.

As soon as she opened the door, she was greeted by a tall and sturdy man. ”You are Mr. Yakushi?” The man grunted his approval, ”I’m Jaze, I saw you could use an extra hand tonight with the festival going on?” She held up the request paper, and he looked at it with a nod. ”Perfect. Now, there are a few employees home sick, so you’ll have to do work worth for two of them, especially with the bigger crowd tonight. Since you’re here before the others, would you rather deliver or serve inside the restaurant?” Jaze rose her eyebrows, his voice was much gentler than she had initially anticipated, especially after that grunt. She shook it off however, and answered his question, ”I think I’d rather be a waitress.” He nodded towards the staff room, ”Good. There’s a uniform in there, you’d better change before the costumers get here.” She nodded and made her way to the staff room.

She was barely done changing, when the first costumers came in. Luckily the rest of the staff had arrived too, which was admittedly only one person for delivery and another one for letting in the costumers and pointing them towards their seats and taking on their orders. Basically what she had to do, plus greeting the people. Jaze made her way towards the first table to take up their order and went to the kitchen to pass it on. In the kitchen was Mr. Yakushi, apparently the only sushi chef available today, or perhaps the only one he allows in the kitchen. Luckily he was fast enough to serve all the costumers, because the order was done within a few minutes. By the another two tables had filled, and she had to turn up her pace.

After hours of waiting, finally it began to calm down and she could sit down. It sure was tiring to walk back and forth with food the entire evening, and even more straining to memorize all the orders and which ones belong to who. She could appreciate what waiters did better now than before, but she also knew she could take over if it was necessary, and keep a smile on her face in front of the costumers. ”Not bad, you lasted easily.” The voice of the owner shook her out of her trance, and then she realized it was past 10. She had served costumers for 5 hours straight and hadn’t taken a single break. She was pretty hungry by now, though. When she looked at Mr. Yakushi, she saw that he had both a pouch of jewels, and a plate with food for her. Her eyes began to gleam; she could hug him right now. ”Eat, it’s on the house.” ”Thanks so much, I’m starving.” Nothing wrong with eating before finding a place to sleep, right?

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