A Mayoral Mess [D-rank/Solo]

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A Mayoral Mess [D-rank/Solo]

Post by Jaze Dayashi on Mon Oct 27, 2014 3:14 pm

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Finally arriving in Magnolia, the first thing she did was check the request board. Lo and behold, there actually was a request available to her, which would be exhausting at the very least, but at least possible for her. She wouldn’t have to make use of her magic, though the extending of her Aura could come in handy for what was about to come. The request sheet spoke of cleaning out a basement, which would undoubtedly be both stuffed and covered in dust. It even said you could take anything you’d like from the basement, though it was really only junk in there. It wasn’t that late yet, so she decided to go immediately rather than wait until the morning.

Following the directions to the given address, she knocked on the door. The house was fairly old, and quite big, which would mean that the basement would be huge as well. It was opened by a fairly old man, quite tall too, dressed formally in a suit. Not a hair was seen on top of his head, the oily skin reflecting the sunlight that just reached his head. ”G’d afternoon, sir. You requested some help on cleaning out your basement?” The man rose his eyebrow briefly, before nodding and gesturing to follow him. ”I haven’t been down here for quite some time, so be prepared. There’s a container in the backyard for any broken junk, leave everything intact down here, but make sure it looks nice. I want to be able to come down here and not be appalled by the sight, nor do I want to see even a speck of dust, or else there won’t be a jewel from me. Is that understood?” Jaze nodded, and on that note he opened the door, revealing a room that was filled with a lot of boxes and furniture, broken mostly, and no space to walk at all. Her jaw pretty much hit the floor, she’d never seen any mess like this before. This would be a long day.

She wiped the sweat off her brow with her sleeve, looking at the room. Those double doors to the backyard had certainly come in handy, as a couch generally doesn’t fit through a single door, not even a big one. The container was as big as the basement practically, and truthfully that was a necessity. It was filled halfway so far with gas cans, two old couches that had their cushions messed up, one of them even having the frame cracked, an old broken rocking chair, and loads of other crap from lamps to little trinkets. Unfortunately she wasn’t nearly done yet.

Eventually she managed to clean out all the broken junk, and surprisingly there were specific pieces of furniture left that fit the room and each other perfectly, as if they were meant to be there. The same went for the trinkets that were actually still intact, all of them fitted exactly into the cabinets that were left. As she rearranged the furniture, she glanced at the room. It was a pretty nice room to relax in now. All that was left was to clean it.

Of course the cleaning had taken quite a while too, and she found it was nearly 1 at night when she was finished. It looked great now, however, and she couldn’t find even the smallest bit of dirt anymore. She turned on the lights to set a certain warm mood, and went to her client, who was still up for some reason. As he inspected her work, she swore she could see the hint of a smile on his face, though he’d never admit it, and it was gone as he turned to her, throwing a pouch of jewels he pulled out of his pocket. ”I suppose this will be satisfactory. You can go now.” She shrugged and left the building, the jewels were enough thanks for her.

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