Travel [Hargeon - Woodsea]

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Travel [Hargeon - Woodsea]

Post by Anson Kazane on Thu Nov 27, 2014 8:34 am

Down the paths from any town or city, Anson walked towards the large forest known as worth woodsea. Another request had been sent out that seemed quite easy. At first he thought it seemed too good to be true, the board just said to collect some worms from the forest.

Walking through the mud as he entered the forest, he headed for the on-site lab of the Dr to get the equipment he would need for the mission. Pushing branches of the trees and the tall grass out of his way, while he never liked the forest, it was a change of pace. Something that he sorely needed lately. Venturing further into the forest until he could see a faint silhouette of a building up ahead. Making his way closer to the structure, Anson hoped this was the location of the client, as he could not be bothered walking through the mud any longer than he needed to. A small break before he searched for the worms would be welcomed greatly. He eventually reached the structure and made his way up the small set of steps, out of the mud, as he kicked his feet to kick off some mud, he knocked on the door and awaited any sign of anyone inside.
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