Travel [Oshibana- Oak]

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Travel [Oshibana- Oak]

Post by Anson Kazane on Wed Nov 26, 2014 4:24 pm

Having picked up several requests in town, Anson was once again on the road to another request. While it was late at night when he left, he figured that by the time he arrived at his destination, it would be a perfect time to get to work immediately. No more wasting time as he did research about what was required and needing to spend his evening working in a restaurant. The other requests he was on the path towards would at least serve to further keep him busy and allow him to gather more income to invest in his search. While he hated it tremendously to put such a thing on halt for so long, it was something that needed to be done. And although it could take even a few more years, he would have his revenge. Time was the one thing that he did not have a single problem giving up to get what he wanted in the end.

By the time he arrived at Oak Town, the sun was now rising in the sky above. And while he was in no real rush to meet this request giver, he knew there would be a lecture from his master if he bailed out of a request after having accepted it, and that was one thing that he would rather avoid.
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