Travel [Oak - Hargeon]

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Travel [Oak - Hargeon]

Post by Anson Kazane on Wed Nov 26, 2014 7:23 pm

Having gotten word from his master about the next client becoming more ansy at the idea that Anson may not arrive in the afternoon as promised, the man was threatening to find another guild to take the request. Anson himself couldn't help back a smile, thinking to himself that if the man could get another guild to do his menial task for him, then he would have done so already, not take the time and money to send a threat back to the accepting guild about it. The whole thing was somewhat amusing, and that only increased as he continued to read the letter. Although it was of no consequence, he would arrive as planned with enough time to find out what exactly was required and complete the task on time for his full payment. Hargeon town was located in southern Fiore, neighboured by Magnolia, a rather well known hub. But that was for another time.

Heading down the path into the port town, Anson could see the buildings in the distance. The ocean by its side as the ships sailed in and out of the port, he had seldom been to this town before but it was never for any significant time. It might be nearing the time that he take a break from questing and enjoy some town for awhile.
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