Collecting Apples

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Collecting Apples

Post by Kazuma Mizushima on Fri Oct 24, 2014 3:50 am

Kazu stares at the Request board, meticulously eying down each of the requests. They were all so unbefitting of a specimen such as him. He really had no desire to get too dirty but money was beginning to become an issue. As he stood, hand stroking the place where a beard should be, a few of his guildmates called behind him.

“Hey buddy, hurry up. We don’t have all day. Some of us need to take jobs too.”

Kazuma ignored this, peons weren’t worthy enough to talk to him anyway. It wasn’t until one of the more rowdy members who waited in line made an unsightly error. He placed his hand on Kazuma’s shoulder, attempting to nudge him out of the way. Big mistake. With fury in his eyes, Kazuma whips around, tossing the man with considerable ease, bellowing from the top of his lungs.

“How DARE you touch me with your unclean hands man-swine?! Do you expect me to slum upon the lower dregs with you common bare bellied drivel? You touch me again and I will rip your head from your body and shove it so far up that barren wasteland you call an ass, that not even the Celestial King himself will be able to retrieve it!”

As he continued with his diatribe of profanity laced rants, he rips one of the flyers from the board; not realizing he has done so until he was already out of the Guild. He was annoyed, partially disgusted but was content. It was a decent paying job he managed to snag. It wasn’t long before he reached his destination, the farmer’s orchard. Hopefully, it wouldn’t be a messy job. The farmer stood outside, apparently waiting for someone to come along in hopes that that person would be the one to complete his task. He greeted Kazuma warmly and gave him a layout of his orchard in the back, a simple task. As he arrived to the back, he saw the task before him. It wouldn’t take long. A deep breath and a wave of the hand was all that it took. In seconds, the ground began to shake, the trees swaying back and forth violently. A simple snap stopped it all, as the apples ran down from the trees. He turned to leave, thinking his job was completed but remembered that they needed to be in the barrels proved. Such annoying little pissants ugly people were. With another sigh, Kazuma snapped his fingers, the ground shaping around the apples to create makeshift barrels. His job was completed. He went to the farmer to inform him of his completion and took the reward money in stride As Kazuma turned to head back to the guild, the farmer saw the Blue Pegasus Guild symbol emblazoned on the back of his coat.

“Oh another one of you Blue Pegasus folks? I had a young woman come by the last time, had some of those keys with her? What a nice woman.”

“How very interesting…” Kazuma said in an unenthused manner. He didn’t care for whoever the person he referred to. It didn't matter anyway.

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