Hazardous Apples

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Hazardous Apples

Post by Lilthal on Sun Nov 16, 2014 2:29 am

Lilthal rolled her shoulders as she looked around the fields; this was the second time visiting a farmer’s orchard.  The first time wasn’t so bad, boring but not bad.  Lilthal had read the flyer and apparently this visit would be more interesting since the trees seem to be coming to life.

Lilthal reached the farm in no time and instantly went to the house that belonged to the farmer who put the request out there, or at least Lilthal assumed it was his house from the map that was on the back of the paper.  After knocking twice, Lilthal began to wonder if anyone was home, she looked down to her bear, who was just sitting down and sniffing the flowers. 

Lilthal knocked once more and waited a few moments, when she heard no response she shrugged her shoulders and decided to come back later and give it one more try.  “Come on Koko, we’ll try again later” She told her adorable bear.  Who got up and began to follow her, when Lilthal was at the end of the walk way she stopped for a moment when she heard a cry for help, Lilthal listened closely.  Maybe she miss heard but then another scream ran loud and clear the second time and so she started running to wear she heard it come from.

“Stay here Koko” Lilthal yelled back, not wanting for her to get hurt, all the while pulling out her golden key “Open gate of the golden bull” Lilthal shouted out and in an instant Taurus was out and running beside her.  Lilthal pointed in front of her “That way Taurus, someone needs help” Taurus followed her command instantly and was off at a very hefty speed.

When Lilthal had first gotten Taurus his speed had surprised her, she was astounded at how fast he could move and then she just learned he was way different then he appeared to be.  Lilthal arrived a minute after Taurus being much slower and she saw what was going on, Taurus had managed to free the farmer and was hacking away at the trees, “Taurus use rampage and clear these things out” Lilthal ordered Taurus and instantly he charged right through two trees and was slicing the third to bits. 

It hadn’t taken Taurus long to sort the animated trees out and was now putting them in a pile to be used as firewood, “Thank you for helping me Miss” Lilthal looked to the side and smiled as kindly as she could at the man, “It’s no trouble, I was actually here about the request you put out” Lilthal said, handing over the flyer she had in her pocket.  “Well in that case all you have to do now is pick up the apples and it’s done, though that’s if that bear doesn’t eat them all first” The farmer said, looking behind Lilthal, she hearing the word bear spun around and sighed.  “Sorry, that’s Koko.  She’s very curious about things” Lilthal explained and then clapped her hands and Koko turned and ran over to her.

“I’ll have the apples picked up soon” Lilthal said patting Koko and pulling out some of her food from her pack. 

It had taken about half an hour before Lilthal was knocking on the farmers door again and was met by a smile “All done sir, I’ll be leaving as soon as I get the reward” The farmer smiled and nodded, handing over the reward.  Lilthal smiled again, waved at the farmer after picking up Koko so she wouldn’t eat any of his flowers and set off towards the hotel she was staying in while she was in Magnolia. 

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