Picking Apples

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Picking Apples

Post by Lilthal on Wed Oct 22, 2014 6:57 pm

Lilthal looked around her guild hall in boredom, no one was around and the boss was doing something she didn’t really care to know about.  Lilthal had been starring at the request board between her glances around the guild hall.  Shrugging she stood and approached the board.  Starting from one end, she trailed her finger until she saw something worth doing.  Picking the flyer off the board carefully, she further examined it and smiled. 
“Hey Boss I’m taking this orchard request” she yelled as she headed out the door, hopefully the boss would have the papers in order by the time she got there.

It didn’t take long to get to the orchards by walking thankfully; Lilthal had gotten lucky finding a job close to the guild base.  Lilthal followed the directions on the flyer to a T and found herself outside a moderately nice home.  A tall man had come outside, Lilthal figured he had seen her walking towards his house and guessed she was there to help, it wasn’t hard to see she wasn’t a farmer or really from around the area.  If he trench coat and heeled boots had anything to say about it.

The man smiled and greeted Lilthal warmly; giving her a slight case of the shivers as some old memories came to the surface.  Lilthal smiled “Why don’t we get down to business” she offered and was thankful when he agreed.  Apparently the orchard was right in his backyard and he had the printed layout ready for Lilthal to look at. 

“It’s a pretty big job for two people but maybe we can make it” John spoke with a bit of a laugh, he was nervous and Lilthal couldn’t blame him, he was under a lot of stress. 

“Well really it’s three of us” Lilthal spoke and she pulled out on of her keys and held it out.

“Open the Gate of the Golden Bull” Lilthal sound loud and clear, in a matter of seconds a figure appeared in front of them and as soon as the aura dispersed Lilthal sighed.

“Hello pretty lady, what can I do you for today?” Taurus said to Lilthal as he kneeled in front of her, a charming look on his side.

John the farmer raised an eyebrow and looked rather confused.  “I’m a celestial wizard; I can summon spirits from the stars to help me out.  Taurus, I need your help picking 20 barrels of apples and the faster the better.  This gentlemen is on a deadline”  Lilthal explained and with quick actions, Taurus was on his feet saluting Lilthal before running off and picking at the highest speed he could manage.

“Try not to bruise the apples Taurus!” Lilthal yelled after him.  Sighing and hanging her head for a second Lilthal began her walk to the trees “Time to get to work” she spoke and started working on the task at hand.

Of course she would take a few minutes off every hour or two to make sure Taurus hadn’t damaged anything, however after the first two times of checking up on him, Lilthal decided no more was needed.  Taurus loved to impress but he was loyal and if she said to do a careful job, he would do it.

Lilthal stretched for a minute, her legs kind of hurt from all the step up step down she had been doing but she had 7 barrels full and was going to check out how many Taurus had managed to fill.
When Lilthal rounded the corner however she had to stop and stare wide eyed.  There was Taurus standing in the middle of 30 barrels.  “He does amazing work, I have more than enough now and that means more money for my family this month.” John said laughing and patting Lilthal on the back rather roughly.  “Yeah, my pleasure” Lilthal muttered out, a little stunned. 

“Here you go Miss, thank you so much for the help” The farmer John said as he handed over the money he owed Lilthal, with a smile and a quick ‘thank you and the pleasure was all mine’ Lilthal went on her way but not before closing Taurus’s gate and sending him back for the day.


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