When One Needs Hype [TRAVEL Crocus - Oak Town]

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When One Needs Hype [TRAVEL Crocus - Oak Town]

Post by Hollrage on Sun Oct 12, 2014 4:14 pm

Grumbling, Hollrage had heard stories of someone who truly needed a hype man, someone to be the hypest of all hype mans and spread the word to build thine hype of all hypes. But he hated it, hated it all yet he needed to take the job and decided to rush from Crocus to Oak Town on foot. There was no need to waste his money on some form of transportation, all he needed to do was make his way, get some exercise, and go on to make the moolah he needed so. If he didn't do what he could to make money, he'd just end up being stuck or spending it without any income to replace it. At least the day was warm and sunny, not blazingly hot or there being the presence of a shivering cold. He wasn't one to move with enthusiasm, just efficiency and carefully paced steps as he traveled through the fields that separated the two lands. To pass the time, he hummed to himself, a grim tune to scare off those that would waste his time. No one would be allowed to be a hype man; only he had that right. The forests he had past had made him want to rip the life away from them...but alas that was only but a dream to make everything live in despair and gray. Only his immaturity that he must be so obsessed with death, that he must find something and cling to it. But death was only chosen by the simple fact he was raised by a necromancer and pagan. Eventually, he neared the city of Oak Town and stopped at its entrance, allowing the civilians to look at him in fear, but no mage would ever shiver in the site of his grim appearance. Only these weak...fragile beings.


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