New Boys In Town!

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New Boys In Town!

Post by Raina on Tue Oct 28, 2014 6:19 pm

The wind blew a gentle a breeze through the roads of Balsam Village. Fairy Tail had asked her to stop here before she made it to Magnolia. Apparently a group of thugs were terrorizing the town. Raina knew this was more of a test of her abilities then something difficult for her to handle. She headed to the courtyard to meet her contact Fred and figure out the best way to handle this situation. She walked down the cobblestones towards the courtyard and ignored the looks of the men she passed. She was used to them looking at her anyway. She finally made it to the meeting spot and waiting on the client as she inspected the passing people looking for any trouble.

"Hey!!! Are you the mage from Fairy Tail?" Said a girly voice. Raina turned around quickly as her long pink hair swooped with the wind and gazed upon the lean boy in frilly garments. Raina's crimson eyes scanned the boy for anything she should be worried of. "I am. I am Raina Scylar, how can I help?" She said in her angelic voice. "Our town has always been so peaceful, until recently. Some of our youths formed a gang claiming to be the next dark wizards even though not all of them know how to use even use magic. I fear this is going to get out of hand and they will be target but actually dark wizards. You must stop them and save the town from them!"

"Dark wizards? Why would anyone want to be something so evil and full of sin!" Raina practically bellowed. "Maybe because it is better then being some lame legal guild's dog!" A sinister voice called out. Out of the shadows appeared the gang. All 10 members were in attendance. " I knew if we followed you Fred, we would get a drop on the guild dog you called here!" Said one who appeared to be the leader.

"Luca! Why would you do this! She hasn't done anything to you!" Fred asked the leader. Suddenly one of the gang members bashed Fred over his head with a iron pipe and he collapsed. "Fred!" Raina called out as she ran to her client. She felt his pulse and noticed he was just knocked out and stood up ready to fight." I am Princess Raina Lynna Dawne Scylar of the Angels! I shall punish you and cleanse you of your sins!"

The gang started laughing loud and rude- like at Raina's comment. "Who does this bitch think she is? Let's get her!" Raina's eyes flashed a spark of strength as she twirled around and startled to glow and sparkle. "Requip!" She said loudly as her clothes disappeared and turned into a school girl's outfit with a cross shapped bangle around her wrist. She barely had time to act as one of the members lunged at her with a knife. She quickly back flipped out of the way, using her leg to kick the knife out of the thug's hand. Bright light flowed around her wrists as her eyes glowed a divine gold. "Shine!" She said as she shot a beam of divine light at the thug knocking him against the wall and causing him to pass out.

"Bitch!" The rest of the gang yelled as they came at her. She quickly dodged most of the attacks from the underlings but could not find the leader anywhere. Suddenly she felt a hard blow hit her back as she fell to ground. Looking her she saw that the leader had snuck up behind her. "You thought you would be a hero? Don't you know the true obligation of heroes? They are meant to DIE." Raina's eyes flashed a spark of anger as she rolled out of the way of the gangs kicks and flipped to her feet.

"I won't let you have this town!" She said as she ran towards the thugs. She quickly grabbed one of them and tossed them on top of two of them knocking them out. "Four down!" She said as she continued her assault. Two of the thugs came after her unarmed. They threw punch and kick after punch and kick. She blocked them the best she could but still sustained some damage. She quickly countered with a punch to one thug's jaw and a kick in the other's stomach, causing them both to fall over.

The remaining three underlings charged her with blades ready to cut her. Raina dodged the thrusts from the blades and countered by grabbing one of the thugs arms and throwing him into the other two. She quickly turned her sights on the leader. "Give up!" She said. "Never! Die, Guild Dog!" He said as he lunged at her with a pipe. Raina quickly grabbed the pipe and managed to hit the leader hard in the head with it, knocking him out.  She threw the pipe away from her and ran to Fred. She woke him up and had the thugs arrested and sent to juvenile detention. Fred gave her what was promised and she headed on her way to Magnolia.


Name: Schoolgirl

Rank:] C

Cost: 0

Requirements: Requip: Hand Of Fate

Class: Armor

Effect: Enhances the wearer's strength by 50%.

Duration: Until Shattered

Cooldown: 3 posts unless shattered then not useable in thread again.

Name: Shine

Rank:] C

Cost: 20

Requirements: Valkyrie Soul Bangle

Class: Offensive

Effect: Fires a beam of searing holy light at a target. Able to inflict deep bruises, severe first degree burns, and cuts down to the top level of muscle in terms of damage. Travels at a speed of 15 m/s and has a range of 20 meters. Super Effective against Dark Magic. The beam is approx. 5x5 meters

Duration: Instant

Cooldown: 2 Post

Name: Valkyrie Soul
Rank:] C

Cost: 0

Requirements: Requip: Hand of Fate

Class: Requip Weapon

Effect: Able to cast holy magic, and imbue attacks with holy light. A small bangle like bracelet is adorned on her wrists. In the Middle is a brilliant topaz that shimmers like light.

Duration: Until Broken or Switched out

Cooldown: 1 post unless broken then gone for remainder of thread

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