The Paths [ Travel: Crocus - Magnolia and vice versa]

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The Paths [ Travel: Crocus - Magnolia and vice versa]

Post by Catherina on Sun Mar 22, 2015 11:33 am

Of course Alexandra was bubbling with excitement. It would be the first time that the girl would leave their town to head somewhere else. Catherina sighed when her sister ran pass her, backpack firmly attached, same black hair dancing in the wind, though shorter than Cat's. They really did look alike, except for their height, and the shades of their eyes. Catherina's was a stormy grey blue, while Alex' pastel blue had a purple hue to it.

They had been walking for about an hour already if not more and that was from the outskirts of Crocus, not the centre. A good thing they had stopped by for a small snack there, or Alex might have demanded a picnic right here and now.

It was a sunny day and Cat's eyes dangerously moved from side to side as they progressed. She wasn't fond of this brightness. Sun rays caressed her skin and the young woman cringed. If it hadn't been for Alex she would have chose to travel in the evening. But Catherina didn't want to take any unnecessary risks when her sister was around, therefore they had left in the early afternoon.

“Look, a sign! It says Magnolia that way!”

Alexandra's enthusiastic face met Cat's as the younger girl abruptly stopped and turned around to point at the sign that was planted a few yards on their right. A little grin appeared on Catherina's lips as she gently patted Alex on the top of her head. Indignant growling followed by a rough jab that, fortunately for Cat, missed its target as the older girl took a step back.

“Don't mess up my hair!”

“So vain..”

Mocking words to irk the other De La Luna a bit more. They were almost there now.

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