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Tsukiya Ishida [Transfer]

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FTRP Character App

Name: Tsukiya Ishida

Biographical Information:
Age: 120
Birth Date: 11/30/X771
Birthplace: Requiem Woods (origination in Earthland explained in history.)
-Daimos Ishida (Father-Alive) 500
-Haruko Ishida (Biological Mother-Deceased) 25 at time of death
-Kimiko Ishida (Stepmother-Alive) 95
-Mitsuki Ishida (Twin Sister-Alive) 120
-Keiko Ishida (Younger Sister-Alive) 20
-Rya Sapphire (Aunt-Alive) 350
-Ohto Saeki (Uncle-Alive) 85
-Saiyah Ishida (Grandmother-Alive) 950
-Hiro Ishida (Grandfather-Alive) 1025

Physical Description:
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 195LB
General Description: Tsukiya is fairly tall and has an athletic build. Due to the tropical climate of his home city, he has developed a slightly bronzed skin tone. His eyes are a deep yellow, the outer part of the iris is rimmed in jet black, while the inner part is a sunset yellow. Much like a feline, his pupils are slitted rather than rounded like most humans. When caught in the light or in deep darkness, they give off an almost haunting glow. His hair has a slightly unkempt look to it and it tends to hang down over his eyes, much to his dislike. He often times wears casual and low class clothing to hide the fact that he comes from nobility, believing that people would view him differently if they knew he were the son of a noble. His favorite outfit is a pair of loose fitting black pants that are fastened by buttons at around mid-shin level and a waist length black coat with an extended collar. The coat zips down to about mid-torso, though he tends to wear it unzipped down to his collarbone, thus exposing the black shirt beneath. Tsukiya is also accustomed to wearing lightweight black leather boots that reach a little past his ankles and a pair of black leather gloves. He is fairly attractive, though he is humble about it, rarely regarding himself as such and tends to deny it when it is brought to his attention. On his back is a tribal tattoo of a fox, a spirit believed to provide luck and guidance to families in ancient times.

Face Claim: Shizuo Heiwajima- Durarara

Personal Information:
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Personality: Due to being raised around complex machinery and various aspects of the merchant world, Tsukiya has become quite observant of his surroundings. His observational prowess is so impressive that he is easily able to describe back anything he has seen even if for a brief second.

After getting to know someone, he becomes a bit of a prankster. His favorite types of pranks are those that involve great deals of humiliation to their victims. Unfortunately for Tsukiya, and fortunately for his intended targets, Tsukiya usually over-thinks his pranks. This results in the pranks backfiring a majority of the time.

He has a cold, almost merciless attitude during battle. Tsukiya will often take repeated blows from an opponent without relaliation. Tsukiya is actually attempting to force an opponent to exhaust their magic before delivering his own brutal counterattack. If he begins to really enjoy a fight, he will develop a sadistic interest in his opponent. An intense bloodlust emerges that usually doesn't fade until either he or his opponent has been defeated. During this feral state, Tsukiya is barely capable of distinguishing friend from foe and lashes out at anyone who is within his sight.

He becomes frustratingly carefree when he's at rest, often times completely disregarding the people around him. This carefree attitude often resulted in him being scolded by Mitsuki, though eventually she simply dismissed it as an unfortunate inheritance from their father.

When eating, he usually stuffs himself in a way that is both admirable and a bit disgusting, usually passing out in a lazy stupor soon after. Regardless of how deep his slumber may be, Tsukiya can easily be awakened by even the slightest noise. During his frequent bouts of drinking, his personality becomes almost completely the polar opposite of his normal observant and quiet self. He becomes a drunken goofball and effectively the "life of the party"....even when there isn't a party and most often at inopportune times.

Magic Information:
Magic: Lightning Emperor
Description: Lightning Emperor is Tsukiya's demonic power's manifestation, the name itself stemming from his given moniker within his realm. In Tsukiya's case, when a member of his family is born, their immense power is manifested in an elemental alignment linked to the hour of their birth. For Tsukiya, his power alignment was Lightning. While he is able to assume his full fox demon form, it is directly linked to his power and therefore requires a large amount of power to do so. Unfortunately for Tsukiya, crossing over into Earthland's realm had an adverse effect on his power, greatly diminishing his power and causing him to temporarily lose the ability to assume his fox form. Despite not presently having access to his demon form in order to have full reign over his powers, Tsukiya has devised an alternative. The aforementioned alternative involves manifesting his demonic form as an aura in the likeness of his demon form. While his full form has a total of 12 tails, since he does not have complete access to his full power the amount of tails is greatly diminished. Over time, the amount of tails will increase as more of his power is regained until the full amount of tails, and by extension the use of his actual demon form, is regained. Aside from this, Tsukiya is capable of using his electric power in a wide variety of ways. Examples of this are creating shocking projectile attacks or living "weaponry" composed of lightning, creating large area of effect attacks and "battle zones" (ie arenas of lightning or localized thunderstorms), and even creating empowering effects for himself and allies or debilitating effects for opponents.
Advantages: Due to Lightning Emperor being a bloodline magic, it is incapable of being copied or analyzed by magics of those types. As with all Lightning magic, it is exceptionally effective against Water-based Magic. In addition, because Steel-based Magic involves using a highly conductive material, Tsukiya's magic is incredibly effective against it. In addition to being able to manipulate Lightning that he creates from his own body, Tsukiya is able to manipulate the electricity from any nearby exposed source in order to fuel his abilities.
Disadvantages: As expected of Lightning magic, it is weakened against Earth magic, being that Lightning is naturally grounded by Earth. Tsukiya's magic is also less than effective against Ice Magic due to Ice being a rather non-conductive material. Although Tsukiya's magic is strong against Water Magic, it is in fact a double-edged sword. Because Water is also a highly conductive element, this type of Magic is just as effective against him as his magic is effective against it.

Magic: Demon King's Legacy
Magic Type: Caster
Description: Demon King's Legacy is actually an amalgamation of the power Tsukiya gained through heredity from his father. Because the power would be too great to be contained within a single form, it was instead divided into several different forms. Each form has its own strengths and elemental affinity, with the highest form being that of a form passed down directly from his father and gained at the time of his ascent to the throne of Demon King. The magic itself is capable of improving the battle capabilities of Tsukiya via the different forms and each form gives him access to abilities that pertain to the form that is active at the time.
Advantages: As with his primary magic, this magic is a bloodline magic and cannot be copied or analyzed by magics of those types. Each form grants him access to abilities of its aligned element. It is capable of increasing the battle capabilities of Tsukiya exponentially.
Disadvantages: It is rather magic intensive and requires a constant supply of magic in order for the forms to remain active. Tsukiya is incapable of having more than one form active at any time. Additionally, Tsukiya only has access to the spells that pertain to a certain form while he is in that form. Each form also retains the elemental affinities and weaknesses for its corresponding element.

Chronological and Political Information:
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Guild: Mercenary
Background History:
Birth of Ice and Lightning
On a midsummer's night, under the light of a crescent moon, a pair of children were born from demons of the highest caliber, specifically demons known as Kitsune, or fox spirits. The first, a boy named Tsukiya, gained the power of demonic Lightning. The second, a girl named Mitsuki born just a minute later than her twin brother, gained the power of demonic Ice. This power and their origin, however, were not the only unconventional aspects of the twin's birth. Mitsuki and Tsukiya's parents were not normal humans, or even from the realm of Earthland for that matter. They were, in fact, inhabitants of a realm that existed parallel to that in which Earthland resides, one of several possible. While these realms existed alongside each other, interaction between them is highly restricted. As such, instances of cross-realm travel or habitation is exceedingly rare. In most cases, only a select few even possess knowledge of parallel realms. Their father, a powerful demon born from the union of a full-blooded Kitsune demon and an angelic being known as an Ethereal, took a half-breed woman, one born of a union between demon and human, as his bride. As such, rather than inheriting the angelic genes of their grandmother, they instead inherited their mother's human genes. Despite carrying blood that many of the older demons considered "tainted", Mitsuki and Tsukiya were given great consideration on account of their father being the successor to the King of Demon's throne.

An Unconventional Adolescence
Over time, as the twins grew, the rest of the demon clans grew to accept and even care of the young children and by extension their mother. While the children did in fact take part in the usual childhood activities such as games of hide and seek, most of their childhood was devoted to learning how to properly wield their impressive power. In addition to this, the twins were trained in various styles of both armed and unarmed combat. During these training sessions, it was revealed that Mitsuki had developed an affinity for spear fighting, while Tsukiya's development turned more towards swordsmanship. As the children continued to grow, their skills continued to develop, quickly coming to the point where they nearly matched the prowess of their father. Just after their 16th birthdays, feeling that their current power had reached its limit, it was decided that Mitsuki and Tsukiya would seek tutelage from another source: the current Demon King Kiyoshi.

Royal Training and a Heartbreaking Betrayal
Over the next three years, Mitsuki and Tsukiya would find that their mettle tested as they endured the harsh and unforgiving training of the Demon King. While both teens were capable of withstanding the training, it seemed that Mitsuki's carefree nature proved to be a bane to her progression in the training, as she would often be chastised for being much too laidback and seemingly not taking the training seriously. This was not the case, as Mitsuki was more than capable of keeping pace with her brother and even surpassing him on many occasions through sheer talent alone. Due to the twins being of similar power level, however, these fluxes were usually interchangeable between both Tsukiya and Mitsuki. Once their training under Kiyoshi was completed, both Mitsuki and Tsukiya made the choice to hone their skills through learning in real-time. It was during this time that the twin's mother inexplicably vanished. Even Kiyoshi, with all of his omniscience, was unable to locate her whereabouts.

Nearly six months after her disappearance, the realm to which the twins and their family called home came under attack by a group of radical technologists who sought to harvest the power of the respective heads of the demon clans as well as the powers of Kiyoshi and his queen Kasumi in order to awaken and harness the power of an even stronger being and bring it under their will. As the twins and their family along with a selection of allied humans that possessed special abilities did battle with the forces of the technologists, Mitsuki and Tsukiya began to be stalked by a mysterious cloaked woman. During one fated encounter, it was eventually revealed that the woman was in fact their mother. Feeling betrayed, Mitsuki and her father decided to put an end to the betrayal...as well as the life of her traitorous mother.

In a raid with an allied assault force, led by her father and a genetically enhanced human mercenary who would later become the twin's stepmother and the mother of their younger sister, Mitsuki and her father engaged the twin's mother in combat. It was Mitsuki who dealt the death blow, thus completing their personal quest for vengeance. After this, both Mitsuki and Tsukiya were absent from a remainder of the combat. After the final battle was won and their father ascended to the throne of Demon King, an extended period of peace was granted to the realm, lasting for nearly a decade. This peace was soundly shattered, however, when the eldritch God responsible for granting the Ishida clan their immense power broke free of its bonds and proceeded to nearly annihilate all life within the realm.

Death Whisperer's Defeat & Arrival in Earthland
With their father and aunt, another Kitsune demon and also the leader of her own clan of demons, placing themselves into self-imposed exile from guilt of the Death Whisperer's emergence and subsequent rampage, Mitsuki and Tsukiya were once again forced to come to the defence of the realm. Alongside their now stepmother, who had gained the immense power of a demon due to being pregnant with the twin's baby sister, and a small rebellion the twins fought to release the Death Whisperer's grip on the realm. Despite the impressive and admirable resistance, it seemed that the group would not be able to succeed in their goal of attaining peace once more. When it seemed that all hope was lost, the twin's sister Keiko was born. The young demon's birth acted as a rallying cry for the forces that opposed the Death Whisperer. With this glimmer of hope, they were able to defeat the Death Whisperer once and for all, thus earning what they hoped would be a permanent era of peace.

This era proved to be long-lasting, extending well into the adolescent years of Keiko. Despite this, however, the trio's father and mother felt that while there were no threats to their realm, other realms were not so fortunate. This, in turn, lead to their father turning his omniscient gaze towards the realm of Earthland, specifically the continent of Fiore.. Sensing the unrest that boiled just below Fiore's seemingly calm surface, their father elected to send Mitsuki and Tsukiya to Fiore in order to aid its inhabitants in earning the same era of peace that their own realm currently benefited from. With the preparations made, Mitsuki was presented with the gemstone adornments that would allow both herself and her brother to communicate across the realms with their family. It was then that both Mitsuki and Tsukiya departed, crossing over into the realm of Earthland and subsequently the continent of Fiore. This cross-realm travel, however, had an unforeseen and adverse effect on the twin's power. Upon crossing over, both Mitsuki and Tsukiya lost a large amount of their power. Despite this, they discovered that they were still able to tap into their power, though to a much lesser degree. Questioning their parents, they learned that as they became more accustomed to Earthland's realm, they would slowly regain their former power over time. With this knowledge in mind, Mitsuki and Tsukiya departed on their mission to aid the inhabitants of Fiore in their acquisition of the same peace that their own realm had. As it turned out, Mitsuki and Tsukiya were not the first instance of Kitsune demons being encountered in Earthland, there had been several past instances where these demons have interacted with humans, some good and some bad. This, in turn, gave life to the legends of fox spirits as both familial guardians and tricksters. Despite this, however, the twins decided that at the present time it would be easier to hide their demonic nature until they were more accustomed to the inhabitants of Earthland and vice-versa. It would seem, however, that they had brought along a stowaway unbeknownst to the twins as well as their parents....

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