Muzikei Mukeren [Transfer]

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Muzikei Mukeren [Transfer]

Post by Muzikei | Nikolai on Fri Oct 03, 2014 6:51 am

Name: Muzikei Mukeren

Biographical Information:
Age: 23 (Claims to be 130+)
Birth Date: 05. 05. X868.
Birthplace: Era
- Father ~ Deceased (420+)
- Mother ~ Unknown (215+)
- Brother ~ Alive (20+)
- (Younger) Sister  ~ Unknown (15+)
- (Elder) Sister ~ Unknown (25+)

Physical Description:
Gender: Male
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 69 KG
General Description: His sex is a male. He has black hair that's quite lengthy and reaches an inch or two below his ears. His hair also reached into his back, covering his neck slightly. It's somewhat sharp/- spiky. His eyes are colored with a hue of warmth, that being red and very close to orange depending on the lightning. He stands at six foot and three inches and weighs sixty nine kilograms. He doesn't seem very thin, but rather slightly muscled/ or rather buff. He has a normal sized neck and a confident smile. His body posture presents his natural charisma. He doesn't have a very aggressive body posture, it's more of a neutral one. He usually wears a brown coat when he goes out, and frequently is seen wearing a v- neck shirt. He doesn't really stick to one type of color on most of his clothing and usually wears boots because he prefers those. He has socks with heart shapes on them which are quite embarrassing. His underwear has the same style that his socks have.

[176 - 150]

Face Claim: Orihara Izaya - Durara

Personal Information:
Sexuality: Heterosexual - Prays to the church of tits and ass
Personality: If Muzikei were to star in the popular old- school movie The Breakfast Club he would be every single character, because he is a man of many thoughts and opinions, meaning that he doesn't stick to one linear type personality but is rather rich in terms of emotions. Which simply means, he shows different ones and his reaction isn't always the same, which could mean that Muzikei isn't single- minded and spontaneous. He's shown a liking and dislike into many different things, but these things usually switch after a while. Because he grows up and ages, and things have shown to change upon growing up. He used to like a certain type of food which he has grown a dislike to but during his twenties he started liking them, such as smoking a cigar. And things like alcohol, spicy food, and not to forget noodles. Because of the sharp taste, Muzikei usually didn't enjoy eating noodles when he was young. But now? Now he likes them a ton. He likes to think himself as a man of old age, but he's really just twenty three. For some reason, he tells others that he's old and shit. He often lies as well, for the fun of it. He thinks himself of average, and nothing out of the ordinary. His frame of reference is quite wide, and will say the strangest things at the weirdest moments. He's quite political, and enjoys a good debate. His favorite subject would either be psychology, or philosophy. Oh yeah he dislikes STD's, Shemales and social justice warriors. He enjoys a full- thick ass instead of a wooden plank. Apples are pretty gangster as well.

[307 - 250]

Magic Information:
Magic: Necromancy
Description: Reviving the dead. For a limited time. How this magic works is simple, Muzi keeps a bottle of his blood around, when needing the help of the deceased he pours a bit of this blood in the area. Things start to pop up, which was once deceased. Like skeletons, skeleton mages. Guards etc. they vary a bit though. He can give the skeletons shields and swords depending on the amount of blood he has shed. He can combine the shedding of his blood with another to make something stronger appear. That means if he has the blood of someone else and combines it with his own he is able to create something better. For example a skeleton with body armor a wooden shield and sword.  If the summoned creature is critically struck, it shivers away in ashes.
Advantages: Summoning other creatures who might be physically stronger then Muzi to fight for him. It indicated that Muzikei can use ways to attack his enemy whilst they're busy, forcing them to multitask their abilities which is an difficult feat. Especially when fighting someone who constantly pressures the movements of his opponent constantly. They mostly are equipped with weapons that could take on civilians. Meaning when Muzi is attacking a town or whatever, people who are out for justice might end up wanting to cover for civilians, exposing themselves. This gives Muzi an easy time to take a guild over. Force the guildling to save their civilians, they would split up and Muzi can easily fight the remaining ones. At least, that is what he would usually do.
Disadvantages: The creatures costs a lot of blood which is constricted, same goes with magic points. And if the enemy breaks trough all the summonings, Muzi has nothing left. Not to mention that it costs quite a huge amounts of MP to get his battle plan going. Which might fail after killing certain summons. AoE attacks generally shit on his infinity summons as well, which is disadvantageous in case he groups multiple infinite summons. Furhter-more, the magic has very little defensive capabilities. Meaning that once someone gets high-speed and just ignores his summons that they could hit Muzi right away without having his summons. Since even though his summons aren't that slow, they aren't as slow as wizards that buff themselves.

Magic: Heavenly Body
Description: Generally this magic is all- round, it covers many bases, offense and defense both. Even though, me - Muzi - a magician with words, make it sound so impactful and good, don't be fooled. It has it's disadvantages, - which are near nil for the record - which strongly impact Muzikei in his global objective..
Advantages: The strength lays in it's reliability, the fact that it covers all the bases that Muzikei needs. Offense, defense. It protects him from being speed blitzed, from AoE attacks and serves an offensive firepower.
Disadvantages: Most of what this magic deals with are stances, which cost magic to sustain and thus this is a very mana hungry magic and will poke many holes in the bag of mana that Muzikei has.

Chronological and Political Information:
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Guild: Lamia Scale
Background History: 500w Minimum An unique backstory that peaks your interest? Not possible, especially if you happen to be a moderator who has to read hundreds of these every week. But, I suppose this is for the people who are semi- interested into a backstory because they are either roleplaying with me, or getting shrekt for some reason. BUT HERE WE GO. Muzikei was born quite some time ago. His parents were real dickfaces, moronic idiots who served no purpose in life other then bags of waste in the shape of human skin and shit. Sounds edgy doesn't it? It was Muzikei's mindset whilst the male was just a teenager. Everyday when he got back from wherever- the- fuck he came from during his daily activities he would call his parents shitbags and the usual. He was the type of nigga that would shop for clothes at hot topic. Cringe and awkward worthy memories covered his entire phase of his teenage phase. He had phases where he believed he was god, phases where he thought that the world didn't understand him- and phases where he didn't understand the world. Growing up from the shit stained past that was, became certainly an achievement for Muzikei. He always vaguely mentions the time period of him before his eighteenth. Upon receiving legal permission to leave the household he immediately left. Because some of the salt that he previously harbored still had a place in his heart- and such was a decision made by his adult mind. Growing up, he went from place to place. Troubadour, a man with no home. He didn't care for family- friends or whatever the fuck associated themselves with Muzikei.

There was this one guy who made an impact, or whatever impact a person could make on Muzi's life though. This guy apparently had tits, a discovery Muzikei made after the grand of things. It explained a lot of things as well, as he later realized. This history will not mention the reason behind the big impact that the guy, or female, or whatever the fuck made on him. Because such should remain mystery. Things such as those, are 2 awkward 4 me to describe really. But, in the big picture. A figure head of Muzikei certainly was his father. Who died on his 420th birthday- which Muzi lit a doobie to. Irony- or rather non ironic, because that isn't the definition of irony now is it? As he grew up, he begun liking more metal stuff. Black- dark, emotionless clouds. No, not emo. / When he became twenty three, he tried to convince a crowd of many that he isn't twenty three, but some old fag. And thus, he tells lies often. He always carries a sharpie with him, because of the ability to write shit house poets in public bathrooms. Which is one of Muzikeis side hobbies. From his current age- he has lived alone in his guild campus or whatever. He became rather skilled in his magic, heavenly body and necromancy over the years. He presumes because it is from his parents that he is prominent in the ability to properly utilize magic in a logical manner such as what he has shown to be able to do. Good shit mate.

[538 - 500]
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Re: Muzikei Mukeren [Transfer]

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