Catherina de la Luna [Finished]

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Catherina de la Luna [Finished]

Post by Catherina on Sun Mar 22, 2015 8:42 am

Name: Catherina de la Luna

Biographical Information:
Age: 19
Birth Date: 21/1/X872
Birthplace: Crocus

Father: Raphael El Jordo - Missing
Mother: Kira de la Luna - Deceased
Younger sister: Alexandra de la Luna - 15/12/X878
Grandmother: Sophia de la Luna - Deceased

Physical Description:
Gender: Female
Height: 1.71 m
Weight: 67 kg
General Description:
Straight charcoal black hair that reaches till the middle of her back. Most of the time it's left loosely hanging, unless Cat is about to spar or get into a fight – then the woman ties her long black locks into a ponytail. Bright blue eyes hinting towards grey and vaguely reminding of ice sharply study her surroundings at all times. Catherina is tall compared to some other females but that doesn't make her ugly; with long well shaped legs, a firm B-cup and a slender waste, she can be quite the sight. However, most of the time Cat doesn't reveal too much of her skin. Her pace is elegant, and she always carries her chin high.

Pale skin, lean looking -
Doesn't make her weak.
Muscles are hidden beneath the clothes, ready to help her out if needed. The guild tattoo is placed on the back of her neck and rarely seen because of her silky black hair. Three other tattoos can be seen whenever more of her torso is revealed. On each side of her upper arms Cat wears a symbol passed on to her by her grandmother. The same symbol can be seen on her back.

Face Claim: Shanoa – The Castlevania

Personal Information:
Sexuality: Bisexual
Catherina is flirtatious in nature, however, she can be serious when the situation demands for it. Pride is something she has plenty of, this often causes her to be unable of letting go and stubbornly continuing her own path no matter what others say or do. She can be vicious and aggressive towards her enemies and those she looks down upon, but once you're someone whose presence she treasures, Catherina becomes really caring. It'll just take a while before she trusts you enough to let you be of any significance in her life.

A negative trait that people don't really see from the first glance is Catherina being a kleptomaniac. From an early age the girl had the urge to 'lend' things that didn't belong to her without any particular reasons but wanting to take them. It's not so much the adrenaline of getting away with it as the fact that she just had to do it.

The young woman is mostly laid back and easy-going, having no trouble to socialize with others when feeling the need for it ans at the same time still cherishing the time spent alone. Catherina doesn't aspire to become a leader because she thinks that it's easier to manipulate someone who already holds the position than to become one and being forced to deal with all the responsibilities and questions. Not that she doesn't take her responsibilities, she just always tries to minimize them to make her life easier.

Likes & dislikes
Cat doesn't like little children, with the exception of her sister. She finds them too noisy and needy most of the time. Another thing she dislikes is lots of sun, it's not so much the warmth that bothers her, but the light cloudy and rainy days are her favourite. She even enjoys swimming when it's raining.

Green apples are a small addiction of Cat, she can't live without them. On the other side her disgust for broccoli couldn't be any worse.

Ironically, Cat loves all types of felines.

Magic Information:
El Hielo
Description: Catherina's ice is very versatile and can be manipulated in lots of different things going from swords to shields and small cages that trap the enemy within. By pumping her energy into her surroundings Catherina can freeze and use things that are already there; it's the easiest with water. Creating a path to walk over the lake is an example of that.
Can be very strong against water, using the opponent's water as a medium and even freezing it Cat can manipulate it to her advantage. Nature based magic has disadvantages when going up against ice as well, it doesn't function properly, just like with poison that gets frozen under extremely low. Most of the latter two gets cut easily and therfore destroyed, freezing and bursting in the process.
Weak against fire magic, lightining and steel magic. The fire weakens the ice formed weapons and shields by melting it a bit. With lightning there is the similar problem of ice melting when hit by it. Then steel, there it's a matter of density – the ice needs more power in it to withstand the same thickness of steel because the steel is harder.

Chronological and Political Information:
Alignment: Neutral
Guild: Blue Pegasus
Background History:

Ever since her birth Catherina's powers were visibly present. Apparently she had taken after her grandmother, being capable of manipulating and creating ice. She hadn't been quite interested in it, brushing it off as something that came in handy but wasn't something she would build upon. Her sister on the other hand, whose speciality is water, seemed to love the idea of joining a guild and win tournaments somewhere in the distant future. In Catherina's eyes it was an infatuation that should pass when Alexandra would grow a little older. But years went by and all that the young De La Lunda did was practise her magic. As Catherina started to work in their family's shop, Alex kept on slacking off in order to see the world.

Having a soft spot for her little sibling Catherina never got angry about the work left undone. However, she confronted the younger girl multiple times, asking whether that was something she really wanted, something she knew that she could do.

While acting calm, Cat couldn't help but to worry and hope that the idea of going on an adventure would leave her sister's mind. Their father had gone missing a few years ago, and Alex believed that she could find him, that he was somewhere out there and all that she had to do was becoming a mage and bring him back. Hardly something the older De La Lunda had any faith in. In her eyes it was clear as glass, the man had simply left them, there was nothing to be done about that than to move on. Not having the guts to break her sister's hopes and dreams, she tried to minimize the damage by keeping her close, by making sure that she wouldn't take off. She was 13, too young to travel on her anyway.

When their mother died, Cat realized that she couldn't handle the shop on her own. Hiring a young man and having her friend help out, she knew that something had to change in order for them to survive. Her grandmother, who was always fond of the idea of Cat becoming a mage, pointed out that joining a guild might be a solution. With some of the money she could support her grandmother and her sister, until the latter was ready to join a guild as well – which wouldn't be a long time considering the girl was planning to run off the moment she could.

Not wanting to leave her grandmother on her own, Cat refused to go. She couldn't imagine how the old woman would manage the shop, didn't want to leave the old woman on her own. So their usual life continued. Holding the shop opened, the magic practise of her sister, the steady but low stream of customers that came and went. Till, one day, Sophia de La Luna was no more. When their grandmother died, Cat took the decision of following the older woman's words and join a guild. This might be better for Alex, she told herself. Together they would manage whatever hardships lied ahead of them.

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Re: Catherina de la Luna [Finished]

Post by Anson Kazane on Sun Mar 22, 2015 10:28 am

Mod here, lets do this.

Was a good read, interesting history and I liked the freezing of poisons idea. Approved.
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