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Mission Rules

Post by Tsukiya Ishida on Fri Sep 12, 2014 6:54 pm

As you know, mages in the Fairy Tail universe are able to partake in rewarded requests in order to earn money for their day to day lives. It's the same thing here, the main method of making Jewels is by completing missions. Below you will find a breakdown of the mission system here on the site.

In order to take a request, you must post on the mission board for your corresponding guild. For those who have chosen to avoid guilds for the time being, don't worry, there are requests that you are able to do as well located on the Mercenary Request Boards throughout Fiore. Generally, missions can only be done once. However in some cases, such as missions tagged "Repeatable" or some higher ranked missions, a mission can be done more than once per character. There is also the option of creating your own requests, which can be found with the Request Creation area located here. You may only take missions that you are qualified for. In other words, only missions that are for your guild or within your rank limit can be taken.  As a new rule, players may now apply and take a job without a mod's approval, however you still have to post the completed request to get your reward and be able to move on to the next mission. 

Of course, each mission offers rewards based on the mission's rank. The Jewel rewards for missions are as follow:

D: 3,000 Jewels
C: 5,000 Jewels
B: 8,000 Jewels
A: 12,000 Jewels
S: 25,000 Jewels
SS: 40,000+ Jewels

In addition to jewels, you will also receive an XP reward for completing a mission. These rewards are:

D: 1,000 XP
C: 1,500 XP
B: 2,000 XP
A: 3,000 XP
S: 4,000 XP
SS: 5,000 XP

There are 6 Request Reward forums, ranging from D to SS. Once you have completed a D-rank request you will go to the D-rank forum. Create a topic called "Guest's D-ranked Requests". After creating it, you will reply to your topic and post a url to your mission. This will automatically reward you with the XP amount for that request. YOU CAN ONLY HAVE ONE TOPIC FOR EACH MISSION RANK. IF YOU CREATE MORE THAN ONE TOPIC YOU WILL RECEIVE A DEDUCTION TO YOUR WARNING BAR. ONLY post urls to your missions in your Mission Topics.

Don't think, however, that you can simply post one sentence and complete a mission. Nope! Each rank requires a set word count in order to complete it. Those word counts are:

D: 500 Words
C: 700 Words
B: 1,000 Words
A: 1,500 Words
S: 2,000 Words

Unless it regards the mission itself and is taking place between the client and yourself, talking during missions does not count towards your overall word count. So don't think you can have a conversation with yourself about how beautiful of a day it is just to fill up word counts. This also applies to being unnecessarily descriptive of menial things around you.

The tasks in which you are asked to complete during missions vary based on the mission's rank. Below you will find a description of the tasks which will determine a mission's rank.

-These are everyday tasks that don't take much effort to do. This can range from running errands for a little old lady, performing chores, or delivering a letter for someone. There's little to no chance of there being any danger involved in missions of this rank.

-These tasks are a little more difficult than the previous rank, but still not so much that your life would gravely be in danger. Tasks of this rank could include standing guard or tracking down and apprehending a thief. A little fighting may be involved, but nothing that should require you to be seriously harmed.

-Now you're starting to get to the more difficult tasks. Jobs of this rank will often entail a bit of fighting and you could probably even be injured during the course of the mission. It's advised that you not get too comfortable and let your guard down, things could still go wrong for you.

-These requests are even more dangerous than the last few. They could involve defeating a band of mages, kidnapping someone and holding them for ransom...or even killing someone if necessary. Make no mistake, the threat of death is very real in requests of this rank. It's more than possible that you'll be seriously injured when doing these requests....it's actually expected.

-Some of the most difficult tasks you can partake in. These often include destroying an entire dark guild, keeping a diplomatic figure from harm (or assassinating them if you're on that end of the spectrum morally), or even uncovering plot to overthrow a government regime. The risk of injury is extremely high and the threat of death is even higher. It's not advised that you take these missions lightly....it may prove to be a fatal mistake.

-The highest rank of mission possible. These missions pose such a threat that they are only available to groups of three or more and are only offered to those who have aligned themselves with a guild. Partaking in these missions can yield impressive rewards, but the chance of death is just as high. These missions can only be made by staff and the opposing forces will be controlled by the staff. Permanent injury is possible during these missions as is death.

You are allowed to take missions up to one rank above you individually and up to two ranks above you with another mage of the desired mission's rank or higher. There is, however, a catch. If you do not meet the rank requirement for the mission in which you are accompanying a higher ranked mage, the Jewel reward will be split evenly between the participants of the mission.
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