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Shopping Rules

Post by Maintenance Account on Mon Sep 08, 2014 1:53 pm

There are many shops here on the site, where you can buy things to deck your characters out. These can range from simple things like more MP, and training spells, to more interesting stuff like special items and pets! You can buy things with the jewels you have earned on your character. Here is a description of everything you can buy.


In the shop, your characters are able to buy items! These can range from necklaces that allow you to summon a small elemental, to a sword that can be lit on fire. Some are more expensive than others, based on how strong they are. Some might even have rank restrictions on them, only allowing for low ranked or high ranked people to buy them. A mage may only have two items at a time, no more. Holder weapons are included in the list of items, but other holder items, such as a book, or Celestial Keys do not, because they give you no additional bonuses other than allowing you to cast magic.


Pets function in a similar way to items. You may only have two, and you may find them in the store. They can range from being simple companions, or being able to be useful combat accomplices. Their prices vary on their usefulness, and they might have restrictions on whether or not certain ranks may have one. If you are a first generation dragon slayer via Application, you will already have an exceed, and that will count as one of your pets.


At the shop, you must buy the magic you wish for your character to have as their secondary, tertiary, or if you want a new magic to replace an old one. There are many varieties of magics, ranging from regular and basic elemental magics, to rare, limited magics such as dragon slayer lacrimas, or possibly rarer magics. These magics vary in price by the range of abilities they have. Additionally, if you want to make your own, custom magic, you may do so in the custom magic section. There you will make your own magic, and it will be priced for you by staff members.

Magic Related Power ups:

What is meant by this is MP, Additional Magic Slots, Spell Training, and any other crazy stuff you might need. The prices on these sorts of things is high, yet often times they pay off in the long run. There is no real limit on how much of something you may buy here, but it should be obvious you can only buy one secondary and tertiary slot per character, and your character must apply for them before buying them.


If you buy something, but you find out something that makes you not want it any more? There is no need to fear, for there are refunds! However, refunds are not always available. If you want something refunded, you have a 2 day grace period in which you may refund anything. After that though, you will no longer get a full refund. Additionally, you may not refund a magic if you already have your starting spells approved, or an item if it’s spells were already approved.

However, what happens if you bought an item, and 2 days have passed. You already have two items, but you see a new item that really catches your eye. You can sell your item back to the shop, and receive half the jewels you paid for it back, and that item will go back into the shop, allowing for you to buy a different item.

In the case that someone will immediately buy up limited things so that others may not have them, you are limited to buying one limited object a week. Limited objects include,all items, pets, and limited magics. After a week has passed, you may buy another limited object.
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