Mission: Find Whitney [D|GEN] (WIP)

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Mission: Find Whitney [D|GEN] (WIP)

Post by Gus Sussano on Wed Oct 08, 2014 5:30 am

Gus lifted up the paper, snatching it from the wall and tearing its edges somewhat. He was interested, a dog named Whitney? Sure, he needed some jewels. He silently walked down the street, looking for the address. As he walked he saw a man next to a woman screaming, "Milord?!" zealot nuts, can't these idiots see people are trying to have a good day here? Gus reached the address and knocked on the door. A old woman with grey hair stepped forward, smiling as Gus lifted up the poster. She lifted up a figure, "one moment..." as she went to catch the collar. She came back, handing it to the teenager and said, "My little pup is most likely at Crocus Gardens, or the Honey bone..." Gus nodded, taking the collar and beginning his hunt.

 Gus ran, his legs slammed the ground with decent force as he lifted up his golden key. Capricorn formed next to him, running with him. He asked, "Hmm, We're heading to the Honey bone first Gasu-sama?" Gus nodded, smiling to his friend as they slowly arrived to the Honey Bone. Capricorn and Gus from there decided to split up, as Gus went to the Cronus Gardens, while Capricorn investigated the Inn. Gus walked through the streets, keeping his eye out for anyone who would know about the dog, or the little girl herself. He reached the gardens rather quickly, but only because it was so huge. He cursed silently, before running into the garden maze.

 Gus looked violently left to right, before getting an idea. He tossed up his silver key, forming the gate and letting his Celestial come out for a few moments, before it went back into its rift. Gus caught the key, pocketing it, and the key spoke to him, "Forward right..." Gus leaped over a bush, as he hurried to his prey. There was the tiny pup! Gus ran towards it, and leaped to grab it as the dog ran between his legs and away. Gus looked back, before flicking his silver key under the dog. His celestial popped out once more, before quickly returning to the gate, as Gus caught the shocked dog. Success! He lifted up Capricorn's key as he returned to the celestial realm. They were all going to eat tonight!

 Gus happily ran to the woman's house. He knocked, putting the collar on Whitney, and looking up to Miss Wilson. A payment, hand off, and smile later, Gus walked away as he watched licking commence on her face. As Gus walked off, he looked to his pocket, and saw something horrifying. His silver key was gone! He looked to the house, Wilson didn't have it, the dog didn't have it, so where was his key?! He ran back to the garden, and straight to where he last used the key. Bingo! His silver key was right there, but walking towards it was a tall man, who leaned down to pick it up. He ran forward, slid on the ground and kicked the key away from the man, leaped around him as the man shouted "Hey!" He picked up the key, laughing as he acquired his treasure, but kept on running as the man was on his tail.
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