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Find Whitney [D|GEN]

Post by Hollrage on Sun Oct 05, 2014 8:15 pm

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All of these miserable. Death afflicts does does strife. Adversity is probably the biggest plague of them all, and I bathe in their misery. A deep chuckle came from Hollrage's mouth, thinking on the horrid aspects of life that the lowly people live through, and he took quite the joy in their pain. He enjoyed it to the point it fueled him to be an Aspect of Death himself, and in the future he would become all the rage. He would be a Dark Mage, spreading the ideals of Hades across the lands and crushing those that oppose him, but the idea basked in its own quantity of cliches. He couldn't do much more than that, and the idea of genocide was pointless if he had no cause behind it. Death was imply something he enjoyed, and spoke fondly of, but he knew when the time called for a much more kind approach to things. Walking through the streets of Crocus, he came upon a house that had a D-Rank Request for saving someone's pet or something. Upon approaching it, the door flew open and a sobbing old lady had the most joyous look on her face...which turned sour really quick. "Is...Is the reaper after me already?" she trembled at the site of Hollrage, and the low chuckle in response did not help. "No, dear Miss. I am simply a mage wandering and answering your cries. Where Art thou's pet? I'd like to get this over with. We'll both be happy if you make haste." his rude composure had made her uneasy, but she gave him the details of where her dog would be. "My dog enjoys the bakery, and a distant friend often witnesses the dog's trotting about. If you could, search for it that way, or check all the bakeries."

With a grumble, Hollrage accepted the task and slowly walked off, making his way for the closest bakery in the direction of the friend the old hag had that knew of her dog. Walking up, he saw a baker outside, sweeping apparently...why would he sweep a street? "Excuse me sir, I was hoping you would have seen a dog running about." the baker chuckled, which off-set Hollrage. "BAH! That hag's dog? Well, excuse me for saying this but that dog wouldn't come near my bakery! The last time it stole from me, I sweared I'd give it some arsenic in the next bite the best bread in Crocus!" Hollrage wasn't particularly pleased with the man, keeping a stone-cold persona while the man spoke. "Then you are useless. Good-bye." he walked off, finding another bakery closer to the hag's friend. Asking the same question, the baker had been much kinder and offered the information that she recently saw the dog in the friend's home as she delivers bread there. "At least you were some-what useful." he stormed off, his stone-cold persona leaving bad impressions on people every waking moment. Upon arriving at the Hag's friend's house, he knocked on the door with his right hand, his left hand being open in case he needed to break the door down. Knocking once more, he heard a bark from the inside and a squeal. "Marwolaeth Cleddyf!" he spoke the ancient words of magicka, and in his left hand his Marwolaeth Cleddyf's avatar was summoned, the black and green blade. Breaking down the door, he saw scribbles all along the wall, as well as stains of blood and animal hair lying everywhere. Walking down the corridor of the house, he came upon a mad woman rocking back and forth, away from an injured dog. She seemingly ignored Hollrage, and he abruptly took the dog and left.

Apparently the dog's leg was injured quite badly, and required a doctor so by the time he rushed back to the hag's house, he had informed her of what had happened and to call the city guard to arrest the lady...and that she had lost her mind. Upon walking off, there was a quiet thank-you from hag that provoked Hollrage to stop. "Don't. Don't mention it. I'll be back if you talk of me, leave a dead drop for my reward and I will find it." he walked off, concluding his aid to the poor, old lady.

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