Grand Opening: Hunter X Hunter Roleplay

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Grand Opening: Hunter X Hunter Roleplay Empty Grand Opening: Hunter X Hunter Roleplay

Post by Northland Wellbrook on Tue Jul 14, 2015 8:45 pm

Grand Opening: Hunter X Hunter Roleplay JMVWltp

Our Roleplay takes place in the world of Hunter x Hunter, just that it is not the exact world. Most organisations, other than the Hunter Association, you know from the Anime and Manga do not exist in our roleplay. The same counts for the people living in the Anime and Manga, non of them exist in our world.

The time is the exact time in the Anime and Manga, shortly before Gon leaves Whale Island. We are not anywhere in the distant future or past. The world is pretty similar to exactly how you have seen it in the series. A modern world similar to our own, other than the mystical ability called Nen, fueled by Aura.

Unlike the heroes of the Anime and Manga your characters already know how to use Nen from the start, even if you are not Hunters yet or had any natural gift for it and yet it is still a rare ability in our world.

Use this gift to reach whatever you want to! Become a great Hunter or create your own thief organisation! Aim for the place as Hunter Association Chairman or maybe ruler of a country! Try your strength at the Heavens Arena or try finding rare items on Greed Island! There are countless possibilities for your character in our world.

Please come and at least take a look, click here (or on the logo)

Northland Wellbrook

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