Buffing Explanations

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Buffing Explanations

Post by Tsukiya Ishida on Sun Oct 05, 2014 5:25 pm

Here on Elysium, everyone has universal stats. They are:
Strength- D-rank
Stamina- D-rank
Agility- 8m/s
Aptitude- .125

Strength is how much you are able to inflict with physical attacks using your bare hands. The way this stat is affected by buffs is as follows. For every additional 100% that your spell increases the stat by, that is an additional full rank to your base value. Fractions of this function in the same way, meaning that they only partially increase the base value.

Stamina is how much damage you are able to shrug off before pain starts to kick in. This functions in the same way as with strength, for every 100% you can shrug off an additional full rank of damage, by fractions they are partially increased based on the rank of the spell. Regardless of this, a clean S-rank hit when unguarded or unbuffed can knock you out and a clean SS-rank hit can kill you.

Agility is how fast your are able to move. Attack speed is also included in this stat. This one is pretty straightforward, simply increase your base number, which is 8m/s, by the percentage of the buff. [For example, a 25% increase would result in an Agility rating of 10m/s.]

Aptitude is how quickly you can perceive and process the things that are happening to and/or around you. Increasing this value works by dividing the base value of your aptitude (.125 for most of you) by the percentage of the buffing spell. For example if your increase is 100%, you'd divide by 2. So It would be .125/2= 0.0625 (Your new reaction time).
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