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Hakuei Seiryuu ||W I P|| Hakuwi10

Name: Hakuei Seiryuu

Biographical Information:
Age: 15
Birth Date: November 2, X876
Birthplace: Unknown
Unknown Mother (deceased)
Unknown Father (deceased)

Physical Description:
Gender: Female
Height: 5'2
Weight: 43 kg
General Description: Hakuei has blue eyes, her eye lashes are noticeably long and she has smooth pale skin. Her hair is blond and reaches down her waist, it is also somewhat curly. She wears a white blouse that has long sleeves over a green dress with a blue scarf tied on the collar, the dress reaches below her knees. She also wears black leather boots with a 3-inches heels making her 5'5 in height. Her dress has two pockets which is not very noticeable and she always hides her knife on her dress' pocket while on the other pocket is a yellow rose, the same color as her hair's. She is not very curvasious herself since she have a body of a 12-year old, and is always mistaken as a child instead of a teen. Her eyes seems to go a darker hue of blue when she is insane, her bangs is framing her face but most of it is on the right side of her face. She also wears yellow shorts. Hakuei also looks innocent and warm most of the time and it doesn't shows much of her personality in which she really liked.
Face Claim: Mary  from Ib

Personal Information:
Sexuality: Straight
Personality:  Hakuei's personality is an ambiguous one. For the most part she is a sweet, feminine and confident girl. But, this masks her dark and sanguinary side--a ruthless, cold and calculating psychopath. Hakuei has a somewhat macabre side to her, and often points out gross or morbid facts, it's probably the cause of her yandere-ish side. She will usually be the first to speculate that someone has met or will meet with a horrible fate, often going into grisly detail. In other instances, she will express enthusiasm for anything with a horror theme. One of Hakuei's defining traits is her utter lack of fear regarding a situation as she usually maintains a positive and even cheerful demeanor. She has a habit of saying 'Ha-myo' and gives everyone nicknames. Sometimes Hakuei also say deep words but that is only because when she is either feeling bored, annoyed, irritated, nervous, angry or scared. She can be easily bored and covers it with violence.

She gets rid of people that she thinks that is getting on her way and haves fun with it and doesn't regrets it. She hates people that doesn't keep their promise and also dislikes to be alone. She loves the sky and is the reason on why she tries to stop herself from killing people. She also hated to be alone but she is mostly staying out from people's conversations. Hakuei find everything cute especially gore stuff. She loves art and is mostly seen drawing something. Despite her age, she is still willing to play hopscotch, hide and seek (especially at night), etc. She loves to play but hates to be treated as a child. Hakuei also have a tsundere-ish side to her, but she can also be a kuudere. Which only meant that she has a himedere side to her but is too princess-like to fit into either category. She can be also a Dandere around people. Hakuei is a coodere, himedere, sometimes an undere (to the one she loves), and a mayadere. She also has a habit of getting a little too enthusiastic about experiencing new things.

Magic Information:
Magic: Ice Dragon Slayer Magic
Description: Ice Dragon Slayer Magic (氷の滅竜魔法 Hyō no Metsuryū Mahō) is a Caster Type Magic, Lost Magic, and a type of Dragon Slayer Magic related to ice. This Magic allows the user to incorporate the element Ice and eat external forces of it to restore their Body health and Magical energy.

This type of Magic can allow the user to gain the exact same characteristic of an actual Ice Dragon. The user is able to form ice from his body and use if for Offensive or Defensive style. The user is also able to make or shape things out of ice, and even harden the ice to make it stronger. And in fact, the user is capable to survive any extreme cold weather even below 0, and will not feel nothing. Also this magic is said to be able to use as healing magic. A Magic which allows the user to incorporate the element of Ice into her body, gaining exclusive characteristics that are commonly associated with Ice Dragons. The user is able to produce large quantities of ice from her body in order to attack her opponents. With this Magic, she is able to quickly form a great variety of ice structures that are suitable for a diverse range of purposes, no matter if the nature of these circumstances demand offensive or defensive uses.. However, all the objects that the caster creates share one similar trait in that they freeze almost any surface they may come into contact with, covering it in a thick layer of ice that remains for extended periods. With further use of her magic, the user is able to cause her surroundings to begin to develop into a frozen climate that supports and increases the advantageous features of any future spells, while disadvantaging her opponent further as they suffer from the harmful effects of the sub-zero conditions, leading to the opponent falling to frostbite if they are not careful.

As with all Dragon Slayer Magic users, the user is able to eat her element, in this case being ice, in order to replenish her strength. She is not able to eat her own ice, but rather is capable of eating the ice produced from Ice-Make, Ice Magic and other ice related stuff.
-It lasts longer than normal ice.
-Can make her opponent's movement speed's slower.
-The user will not feel neither the heat nor the coldness of the temperature.
-Hakuei can use her magic for healing.
-Stuff that are associated with lightning.
-Fire melts ice (depends).
-Ice God Slayer may eat the ice that she casts.
-Ice Devil Slayer may eat the ice that she casts.

Chronological and Political Information:
Alignment: Neutral
Guild: Phantom Lord
Background History:
Hakuei Seiryuu
Hakuei Seiryuu

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