Just Another Day

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Just Another Day

Post by Darkurr on Sun Mar 15, 2015 4:39 pm

"Now, what was on your mind?"

Darkurr flicked his straw once again at the thought of it. He had taken the offer of his guildmaster, The Wizard Saint Lacrimosa Montclaire, to get a meal at 8-Island, but it continued to pick at his mind. His milkshake wasn't going anywhere, and nor was the straw no matter how many times he flicked it. But yet, having her even just to take a second of her time to tend to her members was enough to give Darkurr some hope.

"Well?" she asked once more.

"Why do you care so much?" Darkurr asked, "You have better things to do, like tending to the people of Fiore. Why tend to me?" He did not say it to be rude, but was curious of the matter. Why would a Guild Master, a Wizard Saint at that, tend to the sanity from a single member who was far too new to even be known.

"My people?" Lacrimosa asked, "Darkurr, you are the people." She smiled as she reached out to her empty cup of coffee. It was a meal, a meal without food.

And so Darkurr's hunger was eased... his hunger for a purpose.


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