Elemental Interactions Chart

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Elemental Interactions Chart

Post by Tsukiya Ishida on Sun Sep 21, 2014 10:13 pm

Below you will find the elemental chart and how each element interacts with the others on the list. Keep in mind that some of these elements may not readily be available, but they are still presented on the list in order for you to know where they stand in regards to other elements.

Elements that beat out other elements
Fire > Ice, Nature, Steel, Poison (Ice melts in heat, Nature is burned, Steel is heated/melted at extreme temperatures, Poison is killed by extreme temperatures.)

Water > Fire

Earth > Fire, Lightning (Earth can smother Fire, Lightning is grounded by Earth.)

Ice > Nature, Water (Ice withers Nature, Ice freezes Water.)

Lightning > Ice, Steel (Ice cannot conduct electricity very well, Steel conducts electricity extremely well.)

Poison > Nature, Life, Wind (Poison kills Nature and Life, Wind spreads Poison)

Steel > Earth, Ice, Nature (Steel breaks Earth and Ice, Nature can be killed by Steel/Metal)

Elements that stand on equal ground
Fire = Wind, Light, Lightning (Wind can be used to smother Fire, but at the same time Wind can also fuel Fire. Fire creates Light, adversely concentrated Light can create Fire. Lightning/electricity creates Fire)

Earth = Wind, Water, Nature (Wind and Water can erode Earth, but at the same time Earth can block Wind/Water. Earth and Water feed Nature, but Nature also cannot live without Earth or Water)

Light = Darkness, Lightning (Light creates Darkness/shadows, adversely Darkness can block out Light. Lightning/electricity creates flashes of Light)

Life = Death, Light, Spirit (Life and Death go hand in hand, Light is considered a product of Life, Life and Spirit are considered the same)
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