Basic Magic Rules

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Basic Magic Rules

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In Fairy Tail, mages are capable of extraordinary tasks, due to their magical powers. Here, your mages may also do wonderful things, through means of magic! Here are the two basics types of magics mages use:

Caster Magic:

Caster Magic is the average magic that most mages have. It is a magic that is innate within the body, and is activated through the body. Mages with caster magic are able to freely manipulate their magic without having to worry about any objects. Caster mages get the benefit of being able to freely cast their spells however they want, and they get the most diversity out of it. Caster Magic can be nearly anything, ranging from basic fire magic, to candy monster summoning.

Holder Magic:

Holder Magic is magic that uses a magical item as a vessel to cast magic. This can range from anything, from a sword, a book, to a bag of marbles! Holder Magic relies on these weapons, and without them, they cannot cast their magic. There are two different categories of Holder Items, which are the items used to cast Holder Magic.

Non-Weapon Holders: Non weapon holders are any holder item that is not, as the name suggests, a weapon. This form of holder item can be anything that will not deal any damage when hitting someone. These items can range from being a book used to cast spells, or coins used as a medium to summon beings, for example. Celestial Keys fall under this category as well. These items are basic holder items, and have lots of freedom in what they can do. Non-Weapon Holders may not provide any passive defenses.

Weapon Holders: Weapon Holders are holder items that are weapons. These weapons are capable of dealing passive damage, as well as be used to cast spells. These can range from a simple sword, or maybe a fancy pair of gauntlets. Spells from holder weapons must involve the weapon in some significant way. There are additional things you must know if you wish to have a weapon holder magic, if you are interested, click this link: Holder Weapon Rules

Magic Points and Spells:

The next reasonable question for you to ask is, how do you use your magic? This question has a simple answer, you make spells! Spells are the way for you to channel your magical powers, and are your main means of making a living and defending yourself as a mage. For more detailed rules on spells, please check out the spell rules listed here:

Next, how do you go about casting your spells? You do this by expending Magic Points, or MP to cast a spell. Each spell costs a certain amount of MP, dependent on the rank of the spell. The stronger the spell, the more MP you have to pay in order to cast it. Now, every mage starts off with a certain amount of MP, which goes up for every rank the user achieves. Here are the base MP values for each rank, it goes up by 50 every rank.

  • D = 100
  • C = 150
  • B = 200
  • A = 250
  • S = 300
  • SS = 350

Of course, this is not the only MP you can earn, just the minimum amounts per rank. You can earn MP from events, purchasing it from back street salesmen, or from training.

Events: There are various events that happen on the site, ranging from wheels to spin, to Grand Magic Games. Winners of events such as these might earn MP as a reward for any one of these events. For information on current events, please look in the Announcements section.

Purchasing: In the shop section, there is an area for purchasing MP among other magic goodies, but be warned, they go for a steep price!

Training: When you train spells of your own rank, you will get 1 MP. If you train a spell one rank higher, you will get 2 MP! For information on training, please look here in the spell section.
Training Spells:

In order to learn a new spell, you must train it. This is done in training topics and requires a set word count in order to complete the training. The word counts for training are as follow:

  • D-rank- 450
  • C-rank- 650
  • B-rank- 850
  • A-rank- 1100
  • S-rank- 1350
  • SS-rank- 1500

Upgrading Spells:

As expected, as one becomes more familiar with their magic and becomes stronger, naturally their magic becomes stronger as well. You may want to increase the rank of an existing spell to a higher rank. That is done in the same manner as training a new spell, however instead you simply have to use the word count for the new rank in which you are upgrading the previous spell. For required word counts, see the above section regarding training spells.

How many magics can you have?

A question most people would be curious to know the answer to. Learning new magics can be quite the challenge, and might take mages a long time and lots of experience to learn. Although it will not take years and years of work, like it would be for some canonical mages, it is still quite a challenge, and only the most notable mages are able to have multiple magics. There are two criteria for additional magic slots:

Rank: Rank plays a major role in having multiple magic slots. You may not obtain an additional magic slot unless you have achieved a certain rank. Here is a list of the ranks in which you are able to obtain an additional magic slot

  • D: 1 Magic Slot
  • B: 2 Magic Slots
  • S: 3 Magic Slots

Cost: Additionally, in order to unlock a magic slot, you must pay for it in jewels. They are quite costly, and chances are that by the time you have the money for the slot, you will already be the rank required! Here are the prices for magic slots:

Secondary: 100,000 Jewels
Tertiary: 200,000 Jewels

Once you have bought a slot, you are able to then purchase another magic. However, if you have a limited magic, you may not buy another limited magic. The exception of this is if you are a first generation dragon slayer buying a lacrima of the same element as yourself, to become a third generation dragon slayer.
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