Limited & Rare Magic Rules

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Limited & Rare Magic Rules

Post by Tsukiya Ishida on Wed Sep 10, 2014 7:33 pm

Below you will find all of the information you will need regarding Limited Magics and Rare Magics on this site. What constitutes a Limited Magic? Limited Magics are any magics that would be seen utilized within Fairy Tail by the main or most frequently seen characters. These magics include the following: Dragon Slayer, Takeover, Requip, and Celestial Spirit Magic. Why are they limited? Well, oftentimes people will see the likes of Natsu or Erza performing some outstanding feat and want to emulate it. In order to prevent the site from being laden with only these magics, we've limited the number of these magics that can be active. Additionally, if you are too late and the spots fill, don't worry! In order to ensure that these magics are not obtained and simply held as a status symbol, those with Limited Magics will be subject to participating in tri-monthly Activity Checks in order to keep the magic. With this explained, we'll now move on to each magic in particular.

Dragon Slayers are as special type of mage that have acquired magic that is utilized to slay Dragons. There are three types, or Generations, of Dragon Slayer. The first and most common is 1st Generation, in which the mage has been personally taught their magic by the Dragon themselves. The second and less common is 2nd Generation, in which the corresponding Dragon's magic has been harnessed into a lacrima and implanted into the mage's body, thereby allowing them to use the magic.The third, and most uncommon is 3rd Generation, in which the mage has acquired the lacrima and has been taught by the corresponding Dragon. Each Generation is distinct in nature only in the method by which the mage is able to utilize the magic's most powerful spell: Dragon Force. While 1st Generation and 2nd Generation Dragon Slayers's usage of Dragon Force is situational and completely out of their control, 3rd Generation Dragon Slayers are capable of force activating the spell whenever they desire. Aside from being able to utilize Dragon Force, Dragon Slayers are also capable of consuming their element both naturally and magically and have natural resistance to their respective elements. The only limitations to this, however, are that the Dragon Slayers cannot consume their element generated from their own spells and they are limited by the rank of which they are capable of eating. Additionally, the amount of invulnerability to their element is dependent on the rank of the opposing spell(s). This limitation is as follows:

  • D-rank Dragon Slayers have no immunity to their element and are only capable of eating C-rank and below elemental spells, thereby granting them ignorance of incoming damage for 1 post.
  • C-rank Dragon Slayers have 25% immunity to their element and are capable of eating B-rank and below elemental spells, thereby granting them ignorance of incoming damage for 2 posts.
  • B-rank Dragon Slayers have 50% immunity to their element and are capable of eating A-rank and below elemental spells, thereby granting them ignorance of incoming damage for 3 posts.
  • A-rank Dragon Slayers have 75% immunity to their element and are capable of eating S-rank and below elemental spells, thereby granting them ignorance of incoming damage for 4 posts.
  • S-rank and SS-rank Dragon Slayers have perfect immunity to their element and are capable of eating SS-rank and below elemental spells, thereby granting them ignorance of incoming damage for 5 posts.

Keep in mind, however, that damage ignorance after eating a spell does not mean you do not take the damage (unless you have the corresponding immunity for it) but rather means that you are able to fight through the pain without feeling it for the duration of the aforementioned rank bonuses. A Dragon Slayer is capable of eating one spell once per post. Along with being able to consume their element and having natural resistance to said element, Dragon Slayers possess senses that are naturally superior to normal humans. Dragon Slayers possess olfactory senses that allow them smell anything within 60 meters in perfect detail. These heightened senses, however, do not extend to spells that are designed to hide the caster from the aforementioned senses.

Takeover is a type of magic that allows the user to shift either parts of their body or their entire body and take on the attributes of different "Souls" or species of creatures in order to do battle. This shift is divided into two types: Divi-Species and Full Species. A Takeover mage is allowed as many Divi-Species as they see fit, however they are restricted to 2 Full Species Takeover per rank. This restriction does not extend to spells that are utilized when the Divi or Full Species Takeovers are in effect. Takeover mages receive a 2x boost to stats from Full Takeover, however each Full Takeover can only be oriented towards one stat. Only one Full Takeover is allowed to be active at any given time and you cannot have a Divi-Species active at the same time as a Full Takeover, Full Takeovers take precedence over Divi-Species. Full Takeovers require full spell cost an upkeep of 10 MP, while Divi-Species require half of the spell's cost and an upkeep of 5. Additionally, Full Takeovers are allowed a passive ability reminiscent of their species. So for example, if you have a winged Takeover (a reasonable one, of course) the Takeover is allowed to passively fly at a speed equal to your rank.

  • D & C-rank- 5m/s passive flight
  • B & A-rank- 10m/s passive flight
  • S & SS-rank- 15m/s passive flight

For Defensive Takeovers: You are passively capable of withstanding up to two spells of the rank above the defensive takeover spell. (In other words, a D-rank defensive takeover would be able to withstand 2 C-ranks passively before the user would begin to take damage.)

These passives are treated separately from any buffs or defensive spells that are in place, meaning that for defensive Takeovers, you are allowed to withstand these amounts (as outlined above) without activating a buff to do so. These passives are only in effect when the corresponding Full Takeover is active. Stat boosts from Full Takeovers DO NOT stack with other stat boosts, you will benefit from the highest percentage active (though this does not deactivate your Full Takeover if you activate a stronger boost.) Takeover mages are allowed to have their magic be Multiple Elements, however they are restricted to 3 elements in total. Each Divi and Full Species must adhere to one element each, as must any sub-spells that accompany the aforementioned Divi and Full Species Takeovers.

Requip is a type of magic that allows the user to utilize magical weapons or armor during combat. Requip mages do not carry their equipment around with them, instead they keep them stored with a pocket dimension, thus allowing for them to call forth the equipment at will. Requip mages are allowed 3 armors and 3 weapons per rank, yet only one "weapon" and one "armor" are allowed to be called forth at a time. These items are registered the same as spells, however they require no MP cost to summon and do not take up spell slots. Additionally, Requip weapons follow the same guidelines as Holder weapons with the exception that Requip weapons can be destroyed. They are, however, restored at the end of the thread. Weapons are capable of having as many sub-spells as the mage sees fit, though these sub-spells also take up spell slots. Armors are capable of withstanding more than defensive spells would, capable of withstanding up to three spells of the rank above the armor's. (In other words, a D-rank armor would be able to withstand 3 C-ranks before being destroyed.) Requip mages are allowed to have multiple elements, but each weapon or armor as well as their sub-spells must adhere to one element each. Additionally, Requip mages may only have a total of 5 elements.

Perhaps the most rare magic there is, and easily one of the most interesting. Celestial Spirit Magic is essentially the ancestor of all summoning magics. The entire magic revolves around the use of special items known as Celestial Spirit Keys. These keys come in varying rarities but each is essentially a gateway into the Celestial Spirit Realm where the spirits reside. The keys and ability to harness the magic are so rare that only a small amount of people on the site can use the magic at any given time.

There are three types of keys in the world; Silver, Gold, and Jade. Each key summons a different spirit, and these spirits are quite powerful. Unlike summoning magic which allows someone to summon beings of different elements, Celestial Spirits are able to manifest entirely different magics from each other and are more powerful than your ordinary summon. The spirits are also much more human-like, having their own personalities and forms. Each spirit also has varying degrees of power, but their power can also grow. However, keys can only be upgraded to S-rank, but in doing this you spend one of your S-rank spells. When you upgrade a key it would have the same word count as retraining a spell, when this is done you should inform staff so they can give you an upgraded key.

Jade Keys count as an SS-rank spell, but their power more than makes up for that. Only one of these may be possessed by a Celestial Mage and may only be claimed at S-rank. The thirteenth key goes to whomever hits S-rank first, but it also counts as an S-rank spell. After the first person has earned the thirteenth key the Celestial Spirit Mages are free to fight for the key in duels.

Each Celestial Spirit Mage starts out with one silver key and one golden key. You are the sole owner of those keys and no one can take them, but the catch is you have to roll to see which keys you get, it's not pick and choose. There are a total of twelve golden keys, thirteen if you count the mysterious thirteenth key, three for each of the mages who use this magic. There are quite a few silver keys, but the thing about those is that you have to use actual jewels to buy them from a special shop. Jade keys only become available once you've hit SS-rank because of how powerful they are. They are very rare, only one per person, and they are easily as powerful as some of the strongest mages all by themselves. You can find descriptions of each key in the Celestial Spirit section of the Item Shop.

Finally, mages who use Celestial Spirit Magic are subject to a couple of things. First, you are able to have three spirits on the field at any time unlike summoners who can only have two summons at a time. Secondly, the list below indicates how many keys of each type you can have at each rank.

Keys Available Per Rank:

  • D: 1 Silver, 1 Gold
  • C: 2 Silver, 1 Gold
  • B: 3 Silver, 2 Gold
  • A: 5 Silver, 2 Gold
  • S: 5 Silver, 3 Gold (4 Gold if you obtain the 13th Key)
  • SS: 6 Silver, 3/4 Gold, 1 Jade

Rare Magics are any magics that are considered much too powerful to be given out to the masses, so to speak. As such, these will often be only event awarded or placed in the shop for a limited period of time. The two most prominent instances of Rare magic are God Slayers and Demon Slayers. God Slayers are mages that have learned magic designed to slay Gods, while Demon Slayers possess magic that is specially tailored towards slaying Demons. Both of these magics are known to be much more powerful than Dragon Slayer magic, one of the biggest differences between God Slayer and Demon Slayer and Dragon Slayer magic being that Dragon Slayers are incapable of eating the spells of God or Demon Slayers, whereas both of the latter are easily capable of consuming a Dragon Slayer's spells. Like Dragon Slayers, God and Demon Slayers are capable of consuming their element and have natural resistance to their element, though there is a distinct difference: God and Demon Slayers are able to eat spells equal to their rank and lower and they boast a 75% elemental resistance up until S-rank, whereupon the resistance increases to a perfect immunity. Additionally, God and Demon Slayers do not suffer from elemental weaknesses except when engaged in combat with other God or Demon Slayers. In other words, Dragon Slayer or normal elemental magic of the same element of a particular God or Demon Slayer receives no clash boost against the God or Demon Slayer's magic.
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