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Jinie Rosevier

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Name: Jinie Rosevier

Biographical Information:
Age: 19
Birth Date: June 17, X872
Birthplace: Magnolia

  • Mother - deceased
  • Father - Unknown
  • Grandfather - 80yrs old | Wind Magic user | Retired Magic Council member

Physical Description:
Gender: Female
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 58kg
General Description: Jinie is a red-haired female who's sense of style is slightly tomboyish but she still has a sense of fashion. She prefers sneakers instead of heels, pants and shirts instead of skirts and dresses. She may usually be seen in long-sleeved sweater, shirts or jackets and shorts. She wears thigh/knee-high socks which would match her clothes and shoes. She may wear accessories like necklaces, but it is not limited to them. Her hair is uneven and unruly, reaching a few inches below her shoulders. Her eyes are blue, one she inherited form her father, as her mother would say. She also inherited her hair color from her father, a sign of her foreign blood.
She bears no scars nor tattoos except her guild mark, found at the side of her right thigh. She keeps a proper diet and regular exercise to stay fit, a requirement her grandfather asks of her in exchange of teaching her magic.
Face Claim: Jinie (Jin-Ie) Kwon from The Breaker: New Waves
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Personality: 250w Minimum Jinie is someone who, you could say, is harsh outside but soft inside. She prefers not to show all of her feelings to you unless you are someone she considers as her friends. Another reason for her to express her feeling is if she cannot keep them bottled up anymore. She refuses to show signs of weakness, especially if you were someone she has a high regard on. At first, she may be cold or uncaring to you but as you get to know her, you see a different side of her. She is actually caring, especially to her friends. She worries about them and she shows it in her own way. If you were someone she cares for, she would go through such heights just for you. She likes to have fun and she doesn't let others drag her down when it's about something she believes in, unless she feels that she's wrong but most of the time, she is stubborn.
She loves animals, especially cute ones and she is unafraid of insects. She has a soft spot for them and greatly enjoys their company, same way she does to her friends. She dislikes enemies, especially those who hurt her guildmates and friends. She dislikes disgusting things, or at least things she finds disgusting.
The thing that motivates Jinie the most in what she does is her grandfather. She seeks his approval. He wants him to be proud of her, not disappointed. Now that he was the only family she had, she wanted him to accept her as she is and live happily with him.

Magic Information:
Magic: Wind Magic
Description:  She can control the air around. She can change its forms though she cannot make it into something solid. After all, it is air. Instead, she can make it sharp enough to cut through flesh. She can use air pressure to make it heavy. She can use it to somewhat block attacks by pushing them away but it is not always reliable. She can even fly by circulating the air around her and controlling it so she can be lifted from the ground. She can take away the air from a person but she does not use it since it is forbidden and she herself hates that ability. She sees it as an unfair disadvantage.
-Air has no definite form, which can make it flexible
-She can use air pressure to strengthen her physical attacks
-She can fly with the use of her magic but it is only for a few minutes as it takes too much magic, time, and concentration
-She can cushion her fall when jumping from high places
-No matter how hard she tries, there are just some elements that she cannot block the attacks or make her own effective.
-If ever in the presence of a vacuum, her magic is useless as she has no air to control
-Since it is air/wind has no solid, physical form, she has to concentrate harder to make the wind stronger and push/pull away heavy objects

Chronological and Political Information:
Alignment: Neutral Good
Guild: Lamia Scale
Background History: Jinie's family was a proud family. With her grandfather becoming a member of the magic council, their reputation increased and soon, they were known almost all over Hargeon Town. Her mother was an only child and had an arranged marriage with the son of another family. It was a pact, to merge their family. Everything was going smoothly until the man had spoken to her in private and cancelled the wedding, saying that he could not marry when he loved someone else. Understanding him, she let it be but it would cause an uproar, her grandfather fighting with the other family and eventually, an end to their reputation. Not wanting the family that her grandfather had tried to make the best, she decided to leave instead, taking all the blame. She went to Magnolia and there she married another person. They had a daughter, who was Jinie but he left them before she was born. Jinie would always ask why it was only them and why they didn't have a bigger family but her mother refused to answer her. Still, the young Jinie was content with her life, that is, while her mother lived. At the age of seven, her mother died in an accident. It was her grandfather who took her in after hearing about his daughter's death.

One night, Jinie woke up, thirsty. She went out and found her grandfather on the porch by the garden. He smiled at her and asked her to sit with him. He told her about her mother and how she had disappointed him by what she had done. She smiled innocently to her grandfather, saying that she will never disappoint him. He smiled back at her, uttering a thanks.

Years passed. She had joined Lamia Scale because it was what she and her grandfather both wanted for her. Her grandfather would sometimes send requests (as a member of the magic council) for her to do something but for some reason, he was never satisfied with the results. He always complained that she disappointed him, "just like your mother". No matter how hard she tried, he was always disappointed at the end; may it be mistakes, unsuccessful missions or simply a job not well done. Soon, after all this, her only goal was to make him proud.

In one of his requests, Jinie came across another mage who was unstable and through unfortunate events, had fallen into week-long coma. At first, her grandfather seemed not to care and that was when another person from their family, who was close with Jinie, had enough of his attitude. He confronted him, complaining how his disappointment with his daughter has been passed to his granddaughter. He also told him the truth about the arranged marriage and how his daughter told him to keep it a secret. He refused to accept those words at first but upon seeing Jinie on the bed, in a death-like sleep, realization hit him. Now he wished for nothing more than for her to stay alive, no matter how many times he disappoints him.

Since then, he had not mentioned anything about being disappointed. He also retired as a magic council member. He started to show more love towards her but in his own little ways. Jinie was surprised by the few changes, like being worried, spending time with her and all. Though she still continues to try and make him proud of her, she was now happier. For the first time in years, she remembered how it felt like to have a loving family.

*modified history from The Breaker*
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Very impressive! Approved!

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