Traveling to Magnolia

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Traveling to Magnolia

Post by Lilthal on Fri Nov 14, 2014 12:15 am

Lilthal stared around the fields that surrounded her, she quickly looked behind her “Come on Koko, keep up” she called back to her bear who was playing with some wild butterfly, Lilthal of course thought it was darling but she needed to get to Magnolia for the job requests she had heard of there, she didn’t want another wizard to snatch them up before she had a chance to check them out.  Lilthal of course had contemplated staying behind and just checking out the new members she had heard about.  Apparently one used Takeover Magic while the other was a Dragon Slayer.  She had heard stories about dragon slayers but never really seen one, she wondered if they could indeed kill a dragon. 

Lilthal continued on her way, thinking about the different wizards that were circling around in the guilds now a days, it was fascinating to say the least.  Lilthal also contemplated getting another key, sure these two spirits were amazing to her, always coming when she called and helping in whatever way they could but she wanted to up her abilities, make sure she was ready to take on whatever mission and the threats it brought along.  Lilthal just wasn’t sure but of course she rarely had the jewel to do much of anything since it cost a lot for her living quarters and then Koko’s food, it was a hassle to say the least but she was happy.  “Come on Koko I want to be there by nightfall at least!” Lilthal yelled back to her bear that ran to her at once to catch up.

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