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New Kids on the Block

Post by Kazuma Mizushima on Sun Nov 02, 2014 3:06 am

Balsam Village! This was the place to be. The spa town as they called it. It had everything a person could dream of. The streets lined with beautiful women in bikinis, beautiful men in speedos… oh Kazuma couldn't contain his excitement. Now mind you, these people were nowhere near as beautiful as him but this was something he could sink his teeth into. An escape from those miscreants at the Guild, the ugly dregs of Clover Town. It was, at this point, where Kazuma genuinely grew upset at the thought of this town losing its luster to those ugly ruffians. It was time to find the source of corruption that threatened this time and deal with them personally. The Earth Dragon Slayer went off to find his contact for this mission, the town official named Fred. Fred was an average man, blond hair with brown eyes. He wasn't exactly much to look at. His clothing was atrocious. It gave a sense of childlike bewilderment. What a true disappointment. For a fleeting moment, Kazuma even considered forgetting this entire thing and just relaxing in the spa. However, the money was needed and perhaps the town would be grateful for the completed job. It didn't take long before Kazuma found Fred at the Town hall. He was seemed troubled as he frivolously scribbled on paper. When Kazuma entered the room, he glanced up. The look on his face said it all. This was a desperate man in dire need of something, anything to happen.

“Are you the one from the Guild?” he inquired.

“Yes, it is I, Your Savior. You may call me Kazuma.”

Fred jumped up, furiously shaking Kazuma’s hand, thanking him for arriving. The Dragon Slayer quickly snatched his hand back, fighting the urge to bury the man twenty feet under. He had better be paid handsomely for this. He listened as the man explained their troubles, all the while growing more and more annoyed. It wasn’t justice, it wasn’t a sense of pride and compassion for his “fellow” man. No, this was some much more. They were preventing him from enjoying this little vacation to the fullest. And they would pay dearly for this. Getting the information needed, Kazuma quickly left to find their base of operations. This, however, didn’t prove to be a hard task. In all actuality, it was quite easy. They made their presence known to anyone who entered the Balsam Village. Their brazen “Come fuck with me!” attitudes would prove to be their downfall. The Earth Dragon Slayer stood at the doorway, glaring upward towards the structure. Knocking would get his hands dirty, so he settled for the direct approach. Slamming his foot downward, a huge wave of earth erupted upward; sending the wall clear off its hinges and straight into the middle of their base. The dust began to settle and Kazuma stood for all to see in all of his magnificent glory.

“Are you the heathens that dare to try and take over this village?”

The men were shocked, not by his appearance or anything like that but by the sheer fact that someone had actually come alone and try to take them out. Fighting back the tears of laughter, nine of the men surround Kazuma as the tenth sits back to watch.

“The hell do you think you are, coming into our place talking all this garbage? You seriously have a death wish. We own this place!”

They were starting to grow annoying. Something needed to be done about them. Casually raising his hand upward, a sizeable chunk of land lifted from the ground; eventually shifting its shape into that of a hammer with a large mallet.

“Earth Dragon’s Hammer.” He uttered softly as he whipped the hammer around in a circle, knocking all nine out in one go. The tenth laid awestruck, quickly regaining his composure as he pulls out two daggers. He charges, fury in his eyes but Kazuma sat emotionless. He waited until the perfect moment, dodging the initial daggers strikes. That solitary moment was all that it took, Kazuma had found his advantage. With a gentle press of his hammer, it whips around, hitting the man squarely in the back. A cry of pain etched out as he hits the floor, unconscious.

“What an ugly cry. You sicken me. Leave this place and never return. If I find out, by anyone or anything that you’ve come back and screwed up yet another potential vacation spot for me to get pampered at, I will stop at nothing to end your worthless existence.”

His job completed, Kazuma began to smile. He figured he would be rewarded handsomely for his efforts and maybe even pampered for free! He steps on the back of the Gang’s leader for good measure as he goes to collect his reward. Upon meeting the town’s official again, he was met with disappointment. He had been paid for his services, however, the spas were down for the time being given the damage that was caused previously. He was, however, rewarded with a free day at the spa whenever he returned, something he fully intended on taking up. With a sigh, Kazuma begins to head back to Clover Town, hoping that the new job may provide something much more substantial.

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