Who's The Strongest? (B|GEN)

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Who's The Strongest? (B|GEN)

Post by Tsukiya Ishida on Thu Oct 30, 2014 6:46 pm

Name: Who is the strongest?
Request Type: General
Rank: B-Ranked
Word Count: 1000
Reward: 8,000J/2,000XP

Description: A rare collector is in town and needs an artifact retrieved in a nearby cave. However, all of the workers he has sent to the cave have not come back. With all other options failed, he decides to call in a Mage’s help. After receiving the location, you make your way to the cave and find the artifact in question, only to find that touching it makes an evil doppelganger appear. The doppelganger is an exact clone of you, right down to the powers it possesses. The only noticeable different is the personality is the exact opposite of yours, representing your darkest emotions. Defeat the Doppelganer and take the item back to the collector!
Request Details:
Gain intel about the artifact from the collector and make your way to the cave.
Defeat your Doppelganger.
Return the artifact to the collector.

NPC Name: Bob
Description: Bob is a plump individual, very loud and greedy. He loves to get what he wants and thinks that money is no object. He wears a white shirt, with grease stains at the time and khaki pants.

Enemy Name: Yourself
Enemy Rank: Dependent on the one taking the quest.
Enemy Magic: Dependent on the one taking the quest.

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