Smaug the Destroyer of Kingdoms (S|GEN)

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Smaug the Destroyer of Kingdoms (S|GEN)

Post by Tsukiya Ishida on Tue Oct 28, 2014 12:11 am

Name: Smaug the Destroyer of Kingdoms
Request Type: General
Rank: S
Word Count: 1500
Location: Canyon of Desolation
Reward: 25,000J/ 4000XP
Description: A dragon as been seen flying through the Canyon and if by chance a villager was stupid enough to be seen, Smaug would release one of his attacks and kill them instantly. Smaug has made the roads unsafe and the villagers nearby want him gone.
Request Details:
-Find the location of Smaug after you’ve heard the stories
-If you can find him, try to be sneaky when getting the first hit in or not
-Beat him
-Go to the town official for your reward

NPC Name: Flyer

Enemy Name: Smaug
Enemy Rank: S
Enemy Magic: Fire and Lightning
-Smaug’s Area: Smaug summons forth their Magic Seal, from which a number of fierce, black flames in the form of elongated circles are fired at the enemy in a scattered formation, targeting a mildly wide area.

-Target and Fire: Smaug releases a large, bullet-like stream of black fire towards the target.

-Enclose: Smaug swipes their wings upward to enclose the target in a large swirling sphere made of lightning energy, while heavily electrocuting the target.
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