Snow Monsters

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Snow Monsters

Post by Lilthal on Mon Oct 27, 2014 7:17 pm

Lilthal glared out at nothing as she trudged through the knee high snow, looking for this flower.  A man; Sai had told her his story and though Lilthal was moved at the time she was now thoroughly annoyed by it.  He wanted to give his daughter something special for her birthday and there was nothing more special than this flower, once she had asked for the very same flower growing up.
It was easy to get up the mountain with her silver lions help but now she had to track on foot to this flowers supposed location.  It would probably have suited Lilthal easier to search for the flower when it wasn’t a blizzard outside but the man insisted that she claim it for him tonight.  

After what felt like a few long hours, Lilthal finally discovered the location and instantly she let out a groan, it was down the side of the cliff.  Lilthal sighed once more and was about to descend down the side and try to grab one but stopped when she started to shake and for a moment she thought it was the cold getting to her till a beast rose up from the snowy ground.  

A monster so many feet tall stood in front of her and Lilthal let out another groan “This is the worst mission in the history of missions!” Lilthal yelled at nothing in particular and pulled out her golden key “Open the gate of the golden bull” Once shouted for the portal to open a figure glowed in front of her and then fully appeared.  Before Taurus could say a word however Lilthal just pointed “Not now, go and kick that thing back into the ground where it came from” Lilthal said tiredly and without a word Taurus turned and started to charge.

“I will do whatever the Pretty Lady says” Taurus said raising his axe to the monster.  The fight carried on and Lilthal wondered if it would ever stop.

“Taurus use Rampage!” Lilthal yelled at her friend and spirit, she was worried, the longer the fight dragged on the more drained she would be.

“As you wish Pretty Lady” Taurus shouted back to her and began to use rampage, the continued on and thankfully after a few more rampages the monster was down and it didn’t look like it was getting back up.  

“Thank you Taurus” Lilthal said and then looked over the edge for a moment, “Do you need anything else?” Taurus asked and she shook her head politely.  “No thanks Taurus, unless you want to climb down the side of the mountain I got this” Lilthal smiled and began her walk to the edge, she didn’t need to look to know Taurus had gone and a tiny part of her had wished she had asked him to climb down the side and get the flower for her but that would have been unkind.  Slowly and carefully Lilthal climbed down to where the flowers sat on the ledge and picked a few.  Holding on with one hand, she tucked them into her coat and then proceeded to climb back up the mountain nearly slipping a couple of times.

“Heels not a good idea to have on when climbing” Lilthal muttered to herself, it took her a bit longer to climb back up than it did down to Lilthals dismay but once up she was happy as hell and got herself out of there.  Lilthal decided to would be best to just walk down and brave the storm; if she really needed to she could call her silver lion.  

Lilthal looked out around her and at the bottom she could see the smoke from the lodge, she sighed happily, it was a site for sore keys it was.  

It took Lilthal another 30 minutes before she could walk into the door and instantly she knew exactly how cold she was when the heat hit her.  “I need to find a key who uses fire” Lilthal spoke exhausted, she saw the old man sitting at the bar and walked up to him while taking out the flowers from her jacket.  “Here you go” she spoke as she sat down next to him.

The old man looked up and smiled at Lilthal “Thank you so much yes miss” He said as he got up from his chair and Lilthals eyebrow twitched a little “Excuse me Sir, the reward?” Lilthal spoke a little agitated but she tried to keep it out of her tone.

“Ah yes, here you go” The old man spoke taking out money from his pocket and counting it accordingly.  “Thank you again” He said and Lilthal just nodded as she conducted her own count. 
 “Any time Sir” Lilthal side with a small smile as she got up and headed towards her room, happy this mission was over and done with.

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