Raina Lynna Dawne Scylar

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Raina Lynna Dawne Scylar

Post by Raina on Sat Oct 25, 2014 7:22 pm

Name: Raina Lynna Dawne Scylar

Biographical Information:
Age: Appears 17
Birth Date: April 16th, x874
Birthplace: Realm of the Divines, Mystia
Relatives: Father, King Reginald Ryuke Scylar, Mother, Queen Regina Rose Scylar, Sister, Aria Anne Scylar
Physical Description:
Gender: Female
Height: 5'5
Weight: 115 lbs.
General Description: 150w Minimum Raina is a short but lean girl with a decent size bust, and a athletic body. Years of training has given her arms and legs definition, but not body builder muscles. Her body is trained with physical prowess, and mental strength.  

Her eyes look of wisdom and kindness, but are contrasted by the fiery crimson they express. Some people refer to her eyes are a sign of her determination. Her hair rains down her back like a waterfall, falling to just under her knees. It is a shade of bright pink and gives a sense of royality.

Raina normally wears a white bady doll dress with a golden ornamental belt around the waist. A long white fingerless glove is on her right arm and is contrasted by the golden winged bracers that go up it. She wears pink stockings and short white boots. A White bow is normally seen in her hair sometimes pulling it into a ponytail.

Raina constantly likes to wear bright colors and frilly dresses, believing that she as a woman can do anything a man can do, but while wearing a dress. She hates to wear pants.  Her signature colors are white, gold, pink, and red.

While on the beach she wears a two piece bikini that is red, white, and frilly. Along her arms and legs are bracelets that shimmer with the water and sunshine.

When she is enduring a harsh weather that makes her cold, she wears a long red cloak and long boots instead of her regular shoes.

Her Guild Tattoo is located on the top of her right hand and appears gold.

Face Claim: Moka Akashiya, Rosario + Vampire
Personal Information:
Sexuality: Bisexual
Personality: 250w Minimum Raina is a kind, bubbly, girl who hates to be mean or rude to anyone living being. The kind of girl that just has to make everyone feel better, whether she has to hug or glomp others to do it. She is a lover of magic and life in general. Even with her constant need to be kind, Raina is no pushover. She has a strong sense of justice and love for her friends and family. With a strong determination, only matched by her high intelligence, she faces any challenges thrown her way. Raina can be the most loyal friend you may have or the worst rival to face. She is not afraid to fight for what she believes in and will not give up, even if it means giving up her life.

Raina presents a level of love and adornment for every living being, whether it be ally or enemy. She oftens apologizes for having to fight her enemies, wishing there was another way. Her love for everything is a great trait to her personality but can also be her greatest weakness if exploited correctly.

Raina is highly respected member of society due to her confidence and attitude towards challenges. She is often seen helping the others believing they own abilities and strength. She is also seen planting new flowers and caring for stray animals through out the city, expressing her love for living things.

Her high sense of morality, has had her deemed "The Princess" of the Fairy Tail guild. She hates to cause or see any bloodshed, and wishes to solve issues through talking first if she can. But if she can't do not think she will won't fight for what she believes in.

Raina can not tell a lie to save her life. She believes it is not kind to deceive anyone and hates when people do it to her. She is not afraid to explain the issues of lying to fellow person.

Magic, for its uniqueness and power
Music, for the harmony and peace it can bring
Animals, for they do not cause war like humans.
Mean People, out of fear of her history repeating
Spiders, cause they creep her out
Friends, they drive her to get stronger,
Love, for without love life isn't worth it
Magic, the source of her faith causes her to want to defend it
Evil Magic, Cause of the pain it causes
Spiders, they creep her out
Humans, her past has caused her to have an irrational fear that all humans will try and kill he

Magic Information:
Magic: Requip. Hand of Fate
Description: A lost branch of re-quip magic used by the royal family of the angels. Allows the user to access her divine heritage and use bangles of the 5 elements, fire, water, earth, air, and holy. This magic allows the user to heal wounds, fly, create shields and traps, imbue the users attacks with elemental magic, and blast enemies with elemental magic.  Raina has three bangles useable at the moment. Valkyrie's Soul, a holy elemental bangle, Witch's Pyre, a fire elemental bangle, and Priest's Tear, a water elemental bangle.

This magic also grants her access to divine clothing that grants her specific powers. She has access to three sets of divine clothing at the moment. Her first outfit is a swimsuit like, one piece, white leather outfit with black fishnet stockings. This armor has enhanced defense imbued into it. She also has a maid cosplay outfit that grants her enhanced speed. Lastly, she has a school uniform with enhanced strength. She saw what she thought was normal human clothing and put magic in them, not knowing they were actually cosplay outfits.
Advantages: Strong Versatility, Healing, Shielding, and Attacking
Disadvantages: (What are the weaknesses to your magic?) The Bangles or armor breaking

Chronological and Political Information:
Alignment: Lawful Good
Guild: Fairy Tail
Background History: 500w Minimum In the realm of the Divines, there is a kingdom named Mystia. This kingdom is ruled by angels with  magical powers, and no other family is stronger than the Scylar family. Many years ago, the queen and king of this family raged war on the humans but for a just cause. One evil human witch named Pandora, created a box that corrupted humans and stole magic from creatures such as the angels, and decided to attack one of the angels in the Scylar Family. Reginald and Regina had no choice but to fight against Pandora and her human followers to stop her from destroying their whole family. They managed to seal Pandora's box and place Pandora's Soul in it, never to be released. Many years past until the day when Queen Regina gave birth to Twin Daughters, Raina and Aria. Raina was naturally blessed with healing and good magic, while her sister Aria, was better gifted with a sword. Those two grew up under the care of their parents and family until they were 17. Unknown to all, the spirit of Pandora had creeped her way into Aria's Mind, and was slowly corrupting her. She convinced Aria that her family loved her sister more and that she needed to steal her magic. Raina has the ability to release Pandora from her seal if she wanted to. Aria planned a surprise attack to steal her family's magic and consume their power. When she attacked, Regina, the girl's mother gave Raina a special Bangle named Seraphim. It is the Ultimate Holy Bangle Available and has a powerful magic locked inside. Aria slayed everyone in the Scylar family and turned her sights on her sister. Raina's normally passive and supportive powers surged in her and created three unique bangles for her to defend herself with. The Bangle of Fire, Witch's Pyre, the Bangle of Water, Priest's Tear, and the Bangle of Holy. Valkyrie Soul.  Raina was finally able to fight back. Using her new found power she was able to defend against Aria's attacks and even land some of her own. Pandora's Spirit recognized the newfound power of Raina's as being the lost magic, Hand of Fate, and Ordered Aria to retreat to the Human World, but Raina wasn't going to let her sister get away. Raina went after Aria, following her to Fiore. The Human World was strange and Intriguing, but also very scary to the Princess. Her information about the humans caused an irrational fear of them to her. She tried to hide and live on her own but she knew she could not defeat Aria by herself. She needed assistance, she needed a guild. She now wonders Fiore looking for friends and wizards who can assist her in her fight and along the way is trying to get used to humans and help where she is needed. Her mysteriousness and extreme beauty has made humans dub her Venus, after the goddess of Beauty, only because know one knows her true name.

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Re: Raina Lynna Dawne Scylar

Post by Tsukiya Ishida on Sat Oct 25, 2014 7:50 pm

Nicely done, approved.
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