Jaze Dayashi (Done)

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Jaze Dayashi (Done)

Post by Jaze Dayashi on Sat Oct 25, 2014 6:10 pm

Still adorable here

Name: Jaze Dayashi

Biographical Information:
Age: 20
Birth Date: 21st of August, X871
Birthplace: Hargeon Town
Relatives: Her father Andy Wallet died due to some Dark Mages and used re-quip, her mother Mizuki Dayashi is still alive in Hargeon. Her grandmother Grace lives with her aunt Regina and uncle George Fix, who have three children (Felix, who travels alone, and the twins Jack & Zeke who live with them), with the Dayashi tribe in the mountains of Hakobe. Her grandfather Edward died before she even knew him.

Physical Description:
Gender: Female
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 140 lbs
General Description: Jaze is very much in shape. She is a toned woman with relatively long legs, and has a slender body due to her muscles and low body fat. Her eyes are currently a bright blue, though that used to change with her mood, who knows if it will happen again. The woman matured nicely in the eyes of anyone who sees her, she used to look adorable with the baby fat still on her cheeks, which has now disappeared. Her hair is purple, quite light in it shade, a tad bit darker than lavender, and comes down in branches of hair, giving it a slightly messy look. It reaches to about her neck. She has quite an arrangement of scars on her body, though most of them are hidden by clothing. She has a big one across her stomach, and a similar one across her shoulder. Also on her back there is a large X because of two sword slashes that happened simultaneously during a fight. Her Guild Tattoo is located on her left wrist, for certain sentimental reasons.
Face Claim: Mizore Shirayuki [Rosario + Vampire]

Personal Information:
Sexuality: Pansexual
Personality: Jaze has changed quite a bit during her life, she used to be very easily angered. That has changed now however, though you want to look out for her silent anger even more now. She is calm during most situations, and keeps a leveled head during the toughest of situations, thinking rationally. However, this also means that if she sees no chance to win a battle, she will simply give in and opt for survival rather than dignity. Quite frankly she doesn't care about her dignity, or at least not much. She is inherently good and fight injustices, however she doesn't mind stooping to lower levels that would be considered evil, especially not with her counterpart Sypather.

Sypather is a side-effect of her Aura Magic, a second soul sharing her body one could say, and is mainly there to rile things up. To day they still can't come to agreements on things and Jaze just takes charge, however occasionally she will let him take over, especially in battle. Destruction, power, and world domination are the main things going through his head, and dignity is most definitely a point for him. They contradict on a lot of things, and truthfully that is what makes it interesting. Defeat will make him stronger, more power-hungry, and more likely to take over.

During the day Jaze is mostly in her thoughts, or just talking with Sypather internally. She fantasizes about new spells a lot, new magic, creative or simple doesn't matter. She dreams of having a solution for every situation, may that be through magic or through other manners. Else she finds herself thinking about life itself, or about society. In the extremest form, you could say she has a bit of a God Complex, separating herself from other humans, and quite frankly, despising the species. Despite that, however, she is still mostly friendly towards others.

It's her experience from the past that drives her mostly, the need to protect everyone, to change society. She is sick of others picking on each other, sick of everyone trying to pull others down to make themselves feel better, and ironically, sick of people using power to achieve their goals. After all, she herself wants enough power to achieve hers, though really she wants what's best for everyone. She's quite selfless in that respect.

Magic Information:
Magic: Aura Extend
Description: Aura Extend is a maker kind of magic in its core, however developed slightly further than simple static spells. This magic allows the user to manipulate their own Aura, and only theirs, to create object. However it is also possible at later stage to leave the Aura in their original energy form and simply compress it to the point where it can injure someone. Essentially the user duplicates part of their Aura and manipulates the duplicate energy to fit their will.
Advantages: It is quite a versatile magic with both solid and energy form, allowing for defensive and offensive, however also some supplementary spells. As Aura is life energy, it should be possible to relief minor injuries that are not physical (i.e. no bruises, burns, or wounds), such as headaches, stomachaches, or concussions. At higher ranks, the user is capable of using certain spells by only willing to cast them, not needing to use body movement. There will always be Aura as long as she is alive and breathing, so this Magic is usable at all times as long as there is MP left.
Disadvantages: This magic is not capable of buffing or any actual healing, neither is it capable of debuffing. It is also a very mediocre magic in power and will never carry the user to the absolute top in terms of strength. Not having an element can also be a disadvantage, or rather a lack of advantage, which is one of the reasons it is fairly mediocre.

Chronological and Political Information:
Alignment: True Neutral (Jaze is Neutral Good, and Sypather is Neutral Evil, which contradicts each other to the point of True Neutral)
Guild: Mercenary
Background History: Jaze Dayashi seemed to be a regular girl as a baby, just one thing wasn’t right, she didn’t want to be hugged. Her parents, Mizuki Dayashi and Andy Wallet (yes, they are very different from each other), didn’t know what to do. Her mother Mizuki hugged her like 24/7, so she would fit in this world better. That sort of worked, that is why Jaze has her kind side, thanks to her mother.

When Jaze was only 4 years old some wizards of a guild named Twilight Ogre came to their house. Her father seemed to know these people and they came to take him, her father refused to come though. The wizards became angry with him and threatened they would kill him if he didn’t cooperate with them, but he didn’t care at all, he wasn’t afraid to die. Then the leader of the group pulled out his gun, he clearly used gun magic. To her surprise her father could requip, but he didn’t have any strong weapons or armor, he only had a leather armor and a iron dagger. They never had much money, so he couldn’t buy any good equipment, he wasn’t in a guild either, so he couldn’t make any money there. The fight did ruin the house, but it didn’t take long before her father was defeated. There he got his last chance to cooperate with them, but still he refused. He was killed in front of her eyes. They killed her father in front of her eyes. That is where she gained her evil aura, her entire dark side, pure for blood and vengeance.

The first two years she had that aura it controlled her, she couldn’t do anything against it, inside her good side fought with all her might against it, but it wasn’t possible for her to gain control of it. Her mother feared the worst, just when she wanted to give up hope a miracle happened. She was at the point of getting control of a single part of her body, it wasn’t enough to gain control herself, but a phantom lord wizard helped her out on request of her mother. She placed that request ever since Jaze was like that, of all guilds a phantom lord wizard answered the request. Right when Jaze got control of her left hand and wrist the wizard casted a spell so she could control that aura completely. A year after that Jaze joined Lamia Scale and took the guild mark on her left wrist, thanks to that kind wizard.

Her years in Lamia Scale did her good, made her more comfortable with her Magic and the evil that resided inside of her, and she met lots of wonderful people. Truthfully however, she was but messing around. She one day got a request letter to help with the build of a new Guild, and she left Lamia Scale for that. It wasn't until she met the people in Rogue Lustre that she realized how weak she was relatively. The build of the new Guild failed, and Jaze started wandering around, not quite daring to return to Lamia as she wished, and her evil counterpart became stronger with the day, feeding on her depressive moods. Eventually it became so strong, that she decided to join Phantom Lord and see if they could help her there. Unfortunately, it didn't suit her. Finally she met Sypather, the Auraritum Animi that had always resided within her, and could talk to him. It helped her come to peace, and she wandered around once more, leaving the Phantoms behind much to their dismay. Now, she is but a Mercanary Mage, seeking power to control herself, and perhaps one day leave her mark on the world.
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Re: Jaze Dayashi (Done)

Post by Tsukiya Ishida on Sat Oct 25, 2014 6:24 pm

Nicely done, approved.
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