Murderer (C|MC)

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Murderer (C|MC)

Post by Tsukiya Ishida on Fri Oct 24, 2014 6:18 pm

Name: Murderer
Request Type: Light Guild/Magic Council
Rank: C
Word Count: 700
Location: Oshibana Town
Reward: 5000J/1500EXP
Description: Lately, there have been mysterious murders to the inhabitants in the Oshibana Town. Find the culprit and stop them.
Request Details:
-Head to Oshibana and figure out what is going on
-Once all the information is gathered, set a trap for the culprit
-If the trap lands, hand them over to the rune knights. If it doesn’t prepare for a fight
-Once completed, talk to town official to claim the reward

NPC Name: Flyer on the board

Enemy Name: Rumple
Enemy Rank: C
Enemy Magic: Shadow

Spells: Shadow Needle: Rumple changes the shape of their shadow into several sharp needles and controls each separately. They can then attack several targets simultaneously and at the same time snatch away their ability to move by sewing them stuck with the shadow threads.
Rank: C

Shadow Movement: Rumple transforms their body into a shadow, granting them the ability to move around surfaces. The user can transition in and out of this form as they please.
Rank: D
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