Chupacabra (D|MC)

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Chupacabra (D|MC)

Post by Tsukiya Ishida on Tue Oct 21, 2014 11:55 pm

Name: Chupacabra
Request Type: Magic Council
Rank: D
Word Count: 500
Location: Clover Town
Reward: 3000J/1000EXP
Description: Sightings of a Chupacabra have been reported and farmer’s goats have gone missing! The town’s people are scared and want it taken care of quickly before something worse happens. However sightings of a dark guild have been reported and they may be trying to get the Chupacabra venom to use against the light guilds.

Request Details:
-Start off talking to one of the village farmers and get directions.
-Once you have received the directions from the farmer –Tiny Tom- you can head off towards the lair of the chupacabra, avoiding the dark guild on the way.
-As soon as you find the lair the chupacabra will know and will try to strike you down in a single blow, avoid it and try to kill it and don’t get bit. Once done, head back to Tiny Tom for your reward.

NPC Name: Tiny Tom
Description: A short old man, who walks around hunched over his walking stick. He has a disgruntled appearance but is rather nice. He of course is always in his farmers work clothes.

Enemy Name: Chupacabra
Enemy Rank: D
Enemy Magic: N/A
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