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Esgyrn yn Hud

Post by Hollrage on Sun Oct 05, 2014 12:59 am

Name: Esgyrn "Hollrage" yn Hud

Biographical Information:
Age: 20
Birth Date: 1/21/871
Birthplace: Balsam Village
Relatives: -Casineb yn Hud: Alive

Physical Description:
Gender: Male
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 195 lbs.
General Description:  Without the mage's attire that he takes, Esgyrn has completely black hair that is spiky and reaches just at his eyebrows. His skin is smooth and young, but the look he has is one of grim, morbid, violent intention. He has weary eyes that are a very prominent green, almost glowing in appearance. It looks like he has an extended smile, but it is really his scars as well as a slash scar across his left eye. There are numerous scars on his palms and across his wrists. He usually likes wearing attire that symbolize death, as well as having a detailed skull tattoo that is red in color. He stands at a medium height with an average muscle tone, but his skin shows that he hardly gets sunlight. His favorite attire to wear is the green robes with skulls decorating it, and the mask that covers his face. Otherwise, he will wear a bland, black robe with a green trim.
Face Claim: I really have no idea. I have no idea where to search, but I do know it is original.

Personal Information:
Sexuality: Asexual on the outside, Pansexual on the inside.
Personality: Esgyrn is a follower of unorthodox religion, but it isn't so much a uniform belief but a belief that he just carries, no Sunday prayers or ritualistic actions due to his belief. But when he was younger, he has been driven to commit ritualistic actions such as blood rituals by cutting his hand, something he's done several times to no avail. He is a very grim person, seeing death as nothing but...just another event amongst the many in life. He is very comfortable with the idea of death, whether it be he or another. He is considered a gypsy by some due to his use of drugs, not for recreational use but for spiritual use. To try and connect with the dead through the influence of drugs, but it never works. He is rather ruthless, enacting violence like it was nothing and having a morbid sense of humor. He isn't kind, but he is manipulative and will take on certain false qualities in order to manipulate someone to lower their guard. He believes that he will become a great bounty hunter, and an assassin for hire.

Esgyrn is a magical advocate, encouraging the world to increase their knowledge on it, and criticizing those that reject it with great prejudice. He himself will self-loath himself when he thinks he is weak, but his confidence rivals no other when he believes he is strong. If it came down to it, he would kill those that stand in his way, if he can. He is very dominant when it comes to his relationships, so this causes his social life to become very disabled. If he was ordered to harm a friend, he would if he doesn't have a strong connection. It is hard to have a friendship with him, but he can have a partnership for business reasons and will take it seriously. For business, he'll show respect but otherwise his unkind persona will take place.

Magic Information:
Magic: Requip: Hades Disciple
Description: This allows Esgyrn to use magic to summon and de-summon pieces of equipment, automatically equipping them in the process. For example, one could change their sword, but there are limitations to how often and the arsenal picked from.
Advantages: This can allow for on-the-fly changing of equipment to fit a situation's needs.
Disadvantages: There are limitations to how often the equipment is changed, size of the arsenal, and this magic is exclusive to changing equipment.

Chronological and Political Information:
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Guild: Mercenary
Background History:


Esgyrn was born in a family of dark rituals, his mother being a witch who believed in sacrifices to appease her gods and goddesses and his father being one who studied necromancy until his death. He and his brother, Casineb, had been naive then and only saw their magical practices as cool and colorful. As they got older, they started noticing the true effect of what they practiced and the fact that they practiced dark, banished magic. The art of sacrificing lives and the art of raising the dead. The society that knew of his parents' practices had outcast them, causing them to live outside in the wilderness where they had built a cabin. Little did the village know, they had given birth to two children and allowed them to play with others as long as they kept their origins a secret. Casineb began becoming interested in the magic their father practiced and Esgyrn became interested in the ritualistic magic. There is where Esgyrn learned to believe in Hades, the God of Death, and his ire which would fall upon all those who knew him well, requiring death to appease him. The reason they were outcast was mainly set on the rituals of his mother, as she once sacrificed a human life...but no one but the mayor and their father knew.

Learning of the human sacrifice, the belief Esgyrn had was dampened and he saw their mother as a mad woman. But Casineb grew to be a powerful mage, practicing the art of necromancy, a specific version of summoning. Casineb had left to live the Mage life, as he was older than Esgyrn but the resentful boy stayed...jealous of the superior power his brother held. Even if he couldn't master elemental magic, or somehow meet a Dragon in his life, he still learned a form of vicious, punishing magic: Requip. Learning from a local mage, he began to embrace the aspects of Hades into his magic, stylizing himself after it. While he was a confident young boy, upon the public's learning of his mother's sacrifice, he was cast out temporarily. The people berated him, hated him, banishing him to isolation...even his father had to isolate him. His father lost himself in his work, bringing the dead to attack the village but Esgyrn's master eventually bringing him down, resulting in his parents' arrest execution. Bitter from this event, he decided to one day slay his master.

-Love of the Dead-

Esgyrn began developing an obsession with death, taking his master's teachings and using them to torture those who tried defying him, and this is where he was truly evil. Eventually, he had come to blows with his master. Day after day, their relationship was strained by the brutal actions he committed...which led to their eventual fight. In their battle, his master had marked his madness by slicing his lips, forming a permanent smile and while they clashed, a slash to the eye had nearly blinded him if it were any more precise. While the master was clearly at an advantage, his age caused natural deficiencies and eventually allowed Esgyrn to shatter his only remaining weapon, as the rest were broken by his master, and at the same time slay his master. In his dying words, he allowed his student to see the present he had left if he were to die by his blade, and it was a disguise and material to change his identity. A disguise, that he currently wears, and hair dye. Dying his hair black and cutting it, his usually unseen face was unveiled and his hair was completely different from before. Taking the disguise, he had become known as "Hollrage" instead of Esgyrn yn Hud. This led to the ritualistic Hollrage he is today, and the mercenary life.

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Re: Esgyrn yn Hud

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