Wheel of Avarice Rules

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Wheel of Avarice Rules

Post by Linedwell Rainrex on Sun Oct 05, 2014 12:13 am

To participate in the Wheel Of Avarice you MUST have an approved character.
In order to play you need to create a topic in the Wheel Of Avarice's forum called: "Guest's Wheel"

You can only spin the wheel once per day. This means that there has to be at least 24 hours between your spins. If not, you shall be banned from the Wheel Of Avarice.
You can only play the Wheel Of Avarice with only one character in case you have multiple characters. If you try to play it with multiple characters you will be banned from the Wheel Of Avarice and will receive a 3 day ban.
As you create your topic, your first post will be 'This is my wheel.'

Now, in order to play the game click on "Reply" in the thread you've created (Quick reply does not work) and click on the "SPIN THE WHEEL OPTION" on the bottom left of your posting area and select 'Wheel of Avarice' and post!

If you hit a prize, go HERE to claim your prize. Fill out the form, and staff will give you your gift.
Double check to be sure if you actually won something. The lucky numbers change once in a while. Prizes and numbers can be found in the Wheel of Avarice's announcement topic, HERE.
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