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~Aran Nyx~

Post by Aran Nyx on Fri Oct 03, 2014 8:19 pm

" Never laugh at live dragons. "

Name: Aran Nyx

Biographical Information:
Age: 25
Birth Date: April 1, x866

Birthplace: Desierto
Aerus the Sky Dragon ~ Guardian ~ Alive
Mother ~ Unknown
Father ~ Unknown

Physical Description:
Gender: Female
Height: 5'8
Weight: 137
General Description:
It's clear when one looks at Aran that she is from a upbringing fit for royalty or extreme discipline. Before her physical appearance can be explained it is always noted that her body language is what stands out the most. Aran stands tall and no matter whom she looks at it always seems that she is looking down on them even when she must look up to see anyone. Her posture never falters and it is one that commands respect. Her back is straight with her chin always slightly up and out, not so much too seem like she is challenging anyone but enough to show that she is in complete control. When she walks she takes long strides that are well grounded and precise, graceful and calculating . It's because of her outstanding form that her true beauty shines.

Aran facial appearance is in her honest opinion the second thing others see when they look at her. She has creamy vanilla colored skin that show no visible scars or blemishes. Her skin is also soft to the touch and lets off a light clean scent at all times. Her face is oval shaped and on her face she holds one pair of hazel eyes, that look to be moss speckled over rich soil, over her eyes are neat eyebrows which arch seductively. Satsuki's eyes hold a rather uninterested and stern gaze when looking at a person, this contradicts what she actually feels it's just the way her face has grown over the years. Just below her eyes is a small, sharp, and slightly upturned nose. Her lips are rose pink in color and soft to the touch with her top lip being thinner than her thicker bottom lip. She wears no make up on her face and has a natural glow to her.

Her dna background has blessed Aran with soft, sandy brown which shines beautifully no matter what the light ( or lack of ). She rarely if ever styles her hair and lets it fall down neatly, stopping just below her calves.  Neat bangs swoop to one side or the other ( depending on how she does this ) while longer strands fall just above her breast. Her hair curls ever so lightly at the ends Aran dislikes cutting her hair but does so to maintain her neatly trimmed ends. Aran rarely if ever lets anyone touch her hair, seeing this as a very intimate thing and would rather no one at all had done so.

Strikingly handsome Aran seems to fill the role of the " Kind yet cool girl " in terms of looks. Capturing the attention ( and most of the times hearts ) of females, while intimidating ( and charming ) males. Standing at a height of five feet and eight inches and weighing in at one hundred and thirty seven pounds, Aran's frame is rather curvy with nothing being small nor too large. Underneath her clothing one can clearly tell that she keeps herself fit. Her body is toned though not overly muscular yet with obvious signs that she has a rather rigorous training regime. Her arms and legs are slender with her legs being just a bit thicker around the thigh area. Her waist nips in and her hips flare out giving her a hourglass figure, though on slightly more petite scale, only giving her a more youthful appearance. Her hands are small and her fingers are long though delicate while her nails are always neatly done in a perfect manicure. Her Magic Council tattoo is located at the base of her neck in a dark grey color, pulling her hair up will show it clearly.

Face Claim: OC - Blade and Soul

Personal Information:
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Personality: 250w Minimum

A wolf dressed in sheep's clothing is really hitting it on the nail on the head when describing Aran as a person. She comes off as caring and kind, willing to lend a hand to those in need while being a listener and a shoulder to cry on. She understands that being connected to others leads to greater pleasures and power in life and does not hesitate to use all resources that is available to her. On the surface she emits a calm and composed aura drawing those around her as a target for those who thinks she is weak and as a light of peace for those little moths that are fooled by the façade. Aran takes great pride in attracting people to her as she is one to quickly win them over and just as quickly cut them loose for her own gain or greater purpose. Although this is true she is not completely black to others, there are a very few who have won or gained her respect in one way or another and she treats those on a higher level than the rest, and oh boy does it show.

If one has been around Aran long enough to pick up her " ways " they would notice the change of demeanor when she is around those who she respects and opens up to and the way she is around others. Everything changes from her posture where she is more on guard and that calm aura that was presented is now replaced with killing intent. though outwardly it would be hard to tell one can surely feel it. In the presence of those select few she treats others as if they were a mere child intruding on grown up affairs, being curt with them and dismissing them with casual distaste if she feels they are not needed.

Aran is first and foremost a very respectable woman with a ambitious streak when she wants anything. There is no territory she won't cross in order to fulfill her wants and needs even if it's something as messy as murder or seduction. Her grace and passion waives her actions as most who meet her are too entranced to want to accept that she can be as black as the worst dark guild member. It's hard to grasp just how bad she is because she does contradicting things, obscuring the weak minded individual's outlook on her. She is very intelligent and has the life experience to understand her own fight or flight instinct, preferring the latter if she knows she can't get out of a situation. Aran rather not place herself in situations which would call for conflict or violence, she is not destructive physically and would rather play the puppet master, pulling the strings behind the scenes and watching her work play out before her. This also reflects how she battles, she is a supportive fighter first but if she has to fight alone she likes to work up close and quickly. Aran is not one to flaunt in a battle and at the end she disposes of the bodies and moves on as if nothing has ever happened.

To sum Aran up, she is a person that can be very dangerous if one is not careful around her, she makes a better ally than enemy. Doing what it takes to enjoy life and pick at it's people is where she finds the most enjoyment. Although seen as a very calm and kind individual she shouldn't be taken lightly as one will find not all is what is seems.  

Magic Information:

Magic: Sky Dragon Slayer
A type of Magic which grants the user various characteristics belonging to a Sky Dragon, allowing them to incorporate the element of air into their body. However, unlike other types of Dragon Slayer Magic, Sky Dragon Slayer Magic is also geared more towards healing and support rather than just offense. The healing power granted by it is extremely high, having been described as capable of healing wounds inflicted by a real Dragon. Concretely, it was enough to almost completely cure most injuries it was used on so far, and to nullify the effects of powerful poisons and is capable of restoring the body internally and externally including a patient's fatigue and body stress. However, employing such exclusive powers seems to be very tiring for the user, who can’t make use of them in consecutive reprises nor can the Sky Dragon Slayer use their Magic to heal and restore themselves. In addition to healing, Sky Dragon Slayer Magic can also grant support in battle, by boosting allies’ physical prowess. Despite healing and support being its main abilities, this form of Magic, like other types of Dragon Slayer Magic, is said to possess great destructive power, with its offensive spells taking the form of whirlwinds produced by the user.

Being a form of Dragon Slayer Magic, the user of this type of Magic can consume external sources of air (those that are not produced by them) to restore their body and vitality. While air is seemingly easier to obtain than other elements commonly employed by Dragon Slayers, it should be noted that user of Sky Dragon Slayer Magic are directly affected by the air surrounding them, meaning that, if the air were to be clean, they would become more powerful, but if it were to be heavily polluted, they would become unable to use such Magic as a result.

* Wide range of healing and supportive abilities
* Elemental Advantage over Lightning, Earth, Fire,
* Enhanced Sense

* Little Offensive abilities (  can only have three offensive spells )
* Elemental Disadvantages: Poison, Fire, Earth
* Eating polluted air will render her magic useless as she won't be able to use it until she obtained fresh air

Chronological and Political Information:
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Guild: Magic Council
Background History: 500w Minimum
Aran was originally born in Balsam Village to a unique family who worshipped the dragons. Each of her parents were raised by dragons and because of this she was already born to be with a dragon. It took four years to hunt down a dragon who just so happen to be Aerus the Sky Dragon. Aran's mother was raised by the same dragon and although very reluctant to raise another human Aerus was very motherly and took in the child vowing to never again do so ( which is total bs lie ). So Aerus took the child in and with previous knowledge of the child's mother she knew that she could do good by her.

When Aerus got the child she did not have a name, or rather she did not catch the name given to her because she flew away so quickly. So Aerus gave her the name Aran Nyx because she wanted the child to have a proper name. So growing up with Aerus Aran learned many things that she would have otherwise learned growing up around humans and more. Aerus frequently moved living locations with Aran so the young girl growing up has been all around the place. Each area the two moved to Aran learned of the landscape and everything about the political structure and began to see humans as power hungry and pleasure seeking and self indulgent. Aerus always told Aran that she would have to live amongst these people one day and Aran took that as she needed to be like them as well.

Around the age of 12 Aerus started teaching Aran the power of the Sky Dragon, and Aran had a natural talent for it. She trained under the mighty dragon and would be rewarded with a scale each time she did good in mastering her training sessions. The feather scales of Aerus were soft and wondrous but strong and powerful and placed Aran with a sense of ease when Aerus was not around, like a comfort blanket. One day Aerus left Aran in the resting place that they had for that time in the deserts of Desierto and she didn't come back for like three days. Aran at this time was worried and just thought to herself " I gotta find my mum " And so she took the feathery scales and made like this cloak and went off into the desert and got lost. Aran was like 17 at this time so she was young and cute and stupid to the word because even though she knew she was sheltered. So Aran is like looking for her dragon mom as gets lost and you know a band of thieves find her. The thieves thinks that cloak is great and that Aran is even greater and they try attacking her. Unfortunately for them she is a Dragon Slayer and uses her magic to quick dispatch of them and raid the caravan they had. Little did she know the Magic Council was already onto this band of thieves and so caught Aran as she discovered a talking cat with wings who was spouting stuff about needing to get back home.

So Aran was caught and she was told that because of her powers she needed to be watched and that she explained to them she needed to find her mum. She fought with the council and got away going back to the desert only to find the resting place gone with a fresh pile of scales in it's place. Aran didn't understand but took the scales and returned back to the Magic Council to look for answers. The MC said they would help her find the dragon if she stayed within there ranks, Aran agreed. As time went on she grew less worried about her mum and more worried about where her life should go next.

Aran Nyx

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Re: ~Aran Nyx~

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Great app

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