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Player vs. Player Rules

Post by Linedwell Rainrex on Mon Sep 29, 2014 5:27 pm

Though I walk through the valley...

...of the shadow of death...

...I will fear no evil

Within the Canyon of Desolation, death is something that is all too familiar. The smell permeates almost everything within it, and there is an almost supernatural feeling that tells one that death is right around the corner. As such, this area has been thought of a cursed by almost all in Fiore. The Magic Council's jurisdiction in this place is nil, and as such, many make use of this place in order to commit the sin of murder.

Though there is much that would keep the average mage away from this place, there is one thing that seems to draw adventurers here time and time again. There are many untold riches within Death Valley. Those who ever manage to survive their time within this place almost always seem to come out of the ordeal much richer than they were before embarking on their journey.

While within the Canyon of Desolation, it is possible for a player to issue a challenge of battle to other players on the site. The challenge must stay open for at least a minimum of three days, and for each day that the topic is open, the original poster will be paid. The amount that you are paid per day for this open topic is dependent on your rank. The challenge can remain open for an unlimited amount of days, though, your character will only be paid the amount owed once the thread is actually closed.

D-rank = 2,000 Jewels per day

C-rank = 4,000 Jewels per day

B-rank = 6,000 Jewels per day

A-rank = 8,000 Jewels per day

S-rank = 10,000 Jewels per day

SS-rank = 12,000 Jewels per day

Only one person at a time can accept a challenge that someone has put forth, and you must be equal to the rank of the challenge creator or below. Meaning if you're a B-ranked mage, only B-ranked mages or below can enter your thread. After you complete a fight against another player, you character will automatically heal and your MP will be restored completely, in the occasion that you've actually won. If you aren't the original poster of the thread and you've won the battle, you will be given half of the jewels that the original poster would have been paid for the amount of days that the challenge was opened for. This means: if the original poster was S-ranked and the topic had been opened for a total of 10 days at the time you joined the thread, you would be given 50,000 jewels for your triumph over them.

The amount that you are given stops on the day that you decided to enter the thread, this means if you joined a thread that had been opened for 5 days, then the multiplier on payment would stop on 5. Another note is that, all of these battles are kill-viable. This means, if you die in one of these battles, your character will be killed completely, and if you wish to continue Role-playing after losing one of these battles, you will have to create a new character.

In order to issue a challenge and take advantage of this opportunity, merely create a thread titled "Guest's Challenge" within this forum. Once your minimum number of days (or the amount of days you've decided to keep the challenge open after the minimum) has passed, merely post in it again with the word "CLOSED". Once you have done that, the jewels that you are owed will be paid to you once a staff member approves it. Posting in this forum does not count towards your open topic count. One more note is that, you can only join another person's challenge once a week. This means that you can't just kill one person and then jump into another thread that same day and try and do it again.
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