One-Cut Killer: Murasame (500,000 Jewels)

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One-Cut Killer: Murasame (500,000 Jewels)

Post by Tsukiya Ishida on Thu Sep 25, 2014 11:02 pm

Name: One-Cut Killer: Murasame
Type: Katana
Appearance: Murasame takes the appearance of a 1.3m long katana from the tip of the blade to the base of the hilt. The steel of the blade has a silvery gleam with a slightly red tinge from the constant battle it has seen. The handle is wrapped in hardened and bleached white leather which itself is wrapped in dyed red cloth.

  • Unforgiving Wounds (Passive)- Murasame is capable of inflicting wounds that reduce the amount of healing the victim receives by half. (In other words, if an opponent has a C-ranked healing spell used on them, its effectiveness is reduced to D-rank in strength). This effect persists throughout the entire thread and can only be countered by healing spells equal to 1 rank higher than Murasame and its user.
  • Lethal Edge (MP cost equal to user's rank + sustain cost)- The user is capable of imbuing their physical attacks performed with Murasame with poison equal to their rank. This poison is capable of inflicting an additional instance of damage equal to the user's rank. This ability has a 6 post cooldown.
  • Pandemic Miasma (50% of overall MP)- The user will release a deadly smog from the blade of Murasame, covering a diameter of 30m around the user. This smog persists for 5 posts and inflicts an instance of damage equal to the user's current rank per post. This ability can only be used once per thread.

Rank: (Scales with the user)

This is a one time purchase. Once it is purchased it cannot be bought again until it is returned to the shop.
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