Demon God's Manifestation: Demon's Extract (1,000,000 Jewels)

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Demon God's Manifestation: Demon's Extract (1,000,000 Jewels)

Post by Tsukiya Ishida on Thu Sep 25, 2014 12:42 am

Name: Demon God's Manifestation: Demon's Extract
Type: Urn (Liquid)
Appearance: Demon's Extract is a rather complicated item. Physically, it has the appearance of a golden chalice filled with blood. The chalice, however, is not where the magic comes from. It is the blood inside that grants the user access to this powerful relic's magic. The effects of the blood are permanent and cannot be reversed.

  • Weissschnabel (A-rank|40 MP)- The user creates four icicles, each being 3m in length and width. The user then fires the icicles at a target, inflicting A-rank damage collectively or C-rank damage individually. This ability has a 4 post cooldown.
  • Grauhorn (A-rank|40 MP)- The user creates a horn of ice, being 5m in length and 3m in width. The horn persists for 2 posts and can inflict A-rank piercing damage on impact. It is capable of being destroyed by 1 A-rank or greater spell and this ability has a 3 post cooldown.
  • Hagelsprung (S-rank|50 MP|Takes up 1 S-rank spell slot)- The user creates a pillar of ice that is 9m in height and 5m in width then throw it at an opponent. Should the pillar strike an opponent, they will suffer S-rank damage. This ability has a 5 post cooldown.
  • Mahapadma (SS-rank|50% of overall MP|Takes up 1 SS-rank spell slot)- Utilizing the demonic power they have been gifted, the user is capable of freezing all sentient beings within a thread except for themselves for 1 post, halting any and all forms of movement for 1 post. This ability can only be used once per thread.

Rank: SS

This is a one time purchase item. If it is refunded it will not return to the shop. This item can only be purchased by characters who are evil. Alternate characters are not allowed to purchase this item.
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