Holder Weapon Rules

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Holder Weapon Rules

Post by Maintenance Account on Fri Sep 05, 2014 6:57 pm

Weapon Rules: Weapon Holders are incredibly strong, due to the fact that they are capable of dealing damage by themselves, without costing any MP. In order to create a balance, there are some things that must be said about holder weapons:

Holder Weapons must be just that, weapons. These weapons in themselves cannot be anything that is magical without magic poured into it. That means no holders that passively change form, no holder animals or other living beings. Additionally, all holder weapons must have some way of being removed. Holder Weapons are not allowed to be implanted into one’s body, or have no way of being removed without killing someone. The only exception to this are gauntlets, which must be able to be loose enough to be pulled off.

They are indestructible, however, this does not allow them to protect the user by means of using it to block attacks. If there is a clash between two holder weapons, then the lower ranked one will be deflected. If they are the same rank, both will be deflected.

Holder Weapons deal damage equal to it’s rank, which corresponds with the user’s rank until S rank, in which it stays at A rank. When the mage rises to SS rank, the holder’s rank will be boosted to S.

Holder Weapons with multiple parts have damage split amongst them. For example, if one were to have gauntlet holders at A rank, each would deal B rank damage. If someone had 4 swords at A rank, each one would deal C rank damage.

Holder Weapons may only deal damage to spells that it would make sense for them to destroy. If you slash an S rank sword at a C rank wave of water, nothing would happen, you can’t destroy water with a sword! However, Holder Weapons may deal damage to any spell with a solid form, yet damage done will be reduced by two ranks. However, holder Weapons deal full damage to summons.

Spells that manipulate holder weapons (make them larger or make them float around) take precedence over the item’s rank. That means if you use a D rank spell to make an A rank holder 10 meters long, it will deal D rank damage instead of A rank damage. This carries over to spells involving telepathic control, but know that if an object is not in your hands, telepathically controlling it is the only spell you can use.

Mages are only allowed to have one Holder Weapon Magic, this does not apply to Non-Weapon Holders.
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